Are there any newspapers in the Texas desert?

Are there any newspapers in the Texas desert?

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Newspapers are still published in the Texan desert, but only one newspaper is currently being printed in El Paso and it isn't being distributed anywhere else. The El Paso Times has a print audience of about 250,000 people, mostly in El Paso County but also in adjacent western New Mexico counties. The paper's coverage includes government news as well as community news from both cities; it does not have a separate business section. It was founded in 1881 by Dr. John H. Moore who came to El Paso after working as an editor for the Chicago Tribune.

El Paso is part of the so-called "Sunbelt" region of southern California and northern Mexico, where living standards are high and unemployment low. In fact, according to some estimates, El Paso has the lowest unemployment rate in the country without a college degree. The city's economy is based on trade and commerce with Mexico and the neighboring state of Arizona. In addition, the federal government has chosen El Paso as a place to test its unmanned aerial vehicles. There are also military bases here and in Arizona that play a role in the city's economy.

What is the main newspaper in Dallas, Texas?

Dallas Morning News The main daily newspaper in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. It has a circulation of more than 580,000 newspapers and online readers.

It was founded in 1876 by E.W. Scripps as the Denton Record-Chronicle to compete with the Dallas Daily Times which had a much larger circulation at the time. In 1986, it changed its name to the Dallas Morning News. Today, the paper is part of the McClatchy Company chain.

The company motto is "Facts Have Feet", referring to the fact that news stories are reported on the front page of the paper. This is because publishers believe that readers want facts rather than gossip or opinion; therefore, the front page is for news stories only. Other pages are used for advertising or editorials.

The morning news section is called "The Dallas Morning News" while the evening edition is called "The Dallas Evening News". There is also a weekend edition called "The Dallas Weekend Edition".

All three editions are available in print and online.

What are the largest newspapers in Texas?

The Top Ten Texas Daily Newspapers in Terms of Circulation

  1. Houston Chronicle. The Houston Chronicle is published by Hearst Corp.
  2. Dallas Morning News.
  3. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
  4. San Antonio Express-News.
  5. Austin American-Statesman.
  6. El Paso Times.
  7. Focus Daily News.
  8. The Monitor (Texas)

Who is responsible for the Texas Gazette?

On September 25, 1829, Godwin Brown Cotten launched the Texas Gazette in San Felipe de Austin. The three key contributors—Robert McAlpin Williamson, Stephen F. Austin, and Cotten—had frequently opposing points of view. However, they all recognized the need for an independent newspaper that would express their views on events happening in Texas at that time.

Williamson was the publisher and editor of the paper. He was also a major landowner in Texas and had many friends there who helped him get the paper going.

Stephen F. Austin was the founder of Texas and knew he needed a newspaper to help promote his ideas about a new country. He agreed with Williamson on some issues but not on others. For example, they disagreed on whether or not slaves should be freed in Texas. However, they did agree that the newspaper should support slavery as it was part of the existing system then working in Texas.

Cotten was the third main contributor to the paper. He was a former soldier who had been imprisoned in New York for helping Indians escape from slavery. Knowing that type of information could help persuade people in Texas to support abolition, Cotten wrote articles about this for the newspaper. However, he also wrote articles about other subjects such as politics and agriculture.

Are there any independent newspapers in Scottsdale, AZ?

Apache Junction/Gold Canyon, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, East Mesa, Scottsdale, Town of Paradise Valley, Peoria, Sun City/Youngtown, Sun City West, and Surprise, Arizona Independent Newspapers The Scottsdale Independent is a weekly publication (see). It has been published since 1969 and is available for free at more than 700 locations throughout the Valley. The paper is edited and written by staff members who are not employed by the newspaper company.

There are three other weekly papers that are also independent of larger organizations: the Phoenix New Times, which is published in downtown Phoenix; the Tucson Weekly, which is published in south central Tucson; and the Southwest News Press, which is based in Albuquerque but covers New Mexico and surrounding areas.

All three publications are owned by the alt-weekly company Las Vegas Review-Journal Company, which also owns two other weekly papers, one in Nevada and one in California. The company was founded in 1996 and is run by investor and former journalist Jerry Kaplan.

In addition to its weekly print edition, the Scottsdale Independent publishes an online version called The website offers complete coverage of local news as well as articles from some of the most prominent writers in Arizona.

The paper's editor-in-chief is Eric Sondermann, who took over the position in February 2013.

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