Can we start sentences with also?

Can we start sentences with also?

Starting a statement with "also" is allowed. It's a common occurrence, even in scientific writing. As previously said, it aids in the connection of ideas, hence it is important in science when attempting to build cohesive ties across parts. Also can be used in place of too or as well, depending on the context.

When using it at the beginning of a sentence?

With appropriate punctuation, all inclusive adverbs can be used at the beginning of a statement. The first sentence in this answer, for example, begins with an adverb.

Can I start a sentence with "likewise"?

Never start a phrase or clause with additionally. A sentence, for example, should not begin with the conjunctions and, for, or however. Likewise, a sentence cannot begin with the word thus.

How do you write a sentence starter?

You might use eight of these sentence starters when crafting a sentence that adds fresh information.

  1. Furthermore…
  2. Also…
  3. Then…
  4. In addition…
  5. Moreover…
  6. As well as…
  7. Coupled with…
  8. Another reason…

Should you start a paragraph with "also"?

Do not begin a sentence with "however" or a similar unimportant word. Do not begin a sentence with "also" or "likewise." or never begins a sentence, paragraph, or chapter. Teach the elimination of but, so, and because at the beginning of a sentence.

How do you replace and start a sentence?

When linking two separate sentences, an adverb or adverbial phrase might be used in place of the conjunction.

  1. And → Additionally, | Also, | Furthermore, | Likewise, | Moreover, | etc.
  2. But → However, | Nevertheless, | On the other hand, | etc.

Can we use conjunctions to start a sentence?

To begin a sentence, you may use and, but, or any other coordinating or correlative conjunction. Wilson Follett says: A lingering prejudice from a bygone era holds that sentences should not begin with and. The alleged rule has no basis in grammar, logic, or art. All writers begin sentences in some way, using one of the many devices at their disposal.

Can you have two conjunctions in a sentence?

It is perfectly acceptable to use multiple conjunctions in a sentence, and while it may appear to be a bit verbose, there are appropriate uses for it, and in literature in particular, it is commonly used to create a sense of continuity throughout a scene by forcing the reader to take in the entire...

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