Can we write on Indian currency?

Can we write on Indian currency?

Highlights. It is not a crime to write on banknotes. However, it is severely discouraged. Banks are not allowed to deny such notes. The note you have found may be damaged or torn, but that does not make it worthless. Some people write on banknotes as a form of protest or as a message for others to see. Others write personal notes to family members or friends. There are several reasons why someone would write on a banknote- it can be as simple as wanting a new beginning or as serious as wanting to draw attention to an issue they feel strongly about.

Why would someone write on an Indian currency note? Writing on Indian currency notes is popular in India for a variety of reasons. Sometimes writers use the notes as starting points for discussions or debates. Other times writers put their views on paper while feeling uncertain about how society will react. Whatever the reason, writing on Indian currency notes is accepted in India and no one has ever been arrested for doing so.

You should write on Indian currency notes using black pen or ink. Ballpoint pens and other colored pens are not recommended because they could damage the note's surface. If the note has information printed on both sides, you should write on both sides.

What happens when you write on currency notes?

According to the Reserve Bank of India's clean note policy, writing on currency notes is a criminal offense. The central bank declared in November 2001 that writing on the watermark window of bank notes is prohibited under Section 35A of the Banking Regulation Act 1949. This law has been in effect since then; it was previously found in Article 263 of the Indian Penal Code.

Writing on currency notes is illegal because it can lead to irregular markings or alterations on the face of the note. These irregularities may not be apparent until the note is put into use in a financial transaction. For example, someone writing "SB" on a $10 bill could be hiding an "S" logo below that letter or marking -- perhaps even as a signature -- which would make the note valid. But without knowing what is written on the note, the cashier handling the transaction might refuse to take it.

Currency notes contain special ink that prevents writing with regular pen and paper. However, this ink can be removed with acid. Thus, if someone wanted to write on a note but hide their handwriting from view, they could do so by writing with a non-acidic marker first and then washing the note with acid to remove the markers' ink.

In addition to violating banking regulations, writing on currency notes is also a crime in many countries.

Can you use a dollar with writing on it?

Even if someone writes or stamps a message on a US dollar bill, it is legal currency. It's fine as long as you don't chop too much of it off or rip it up. Neither activity is illegal... you can destroy or deface US cash, as long as it is complete and recognized. Also, DO NOT write in ink! That will never wash off.

In fact, some people collect US dollars even though they are not legal tender in other countries. They are more valuable than paper money because they are less likely to be counterfeit.

US dollars are the most common type of cash used around the world. So yes, you can use them anywhere else in the world as long as the country accepts them.

If you try to take US dollars into another country that does not accept them, you may be arrested and charged with smuggling.

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