Can you save Kate and Gabe?

Can you save Kate and Gabe?

It is determined by Clem's flashbacks. If you refuse Ava's offer, inject AJ, and spit in David's face, Clem will follow you wherever you go, and if you go with Kate, they will both survive. If you want to try something else or just have more endings, check out this post. I tried to keep each one as unique as possible.

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Kate and Gabe are characters from the novel The Stand by Stephen King.

Who cures Zoe or Mia?

You must choose which one to preserve, which will lead to one of two outcomes. If you pick Mia, she saves Ethan after Eveline kidnaps him, and they are both subsequently saved by Chris Redfield. If you pick Zoe, Eveline murders Zoe, Ethan is forced to murder Mia afterwards, and he is the only one saved by Chris.

Eveline is able to resurrect Zoe because Chris left his daughter at the hospital. This implies that if Chris had not gone to save Rebecca, then neither he nor anyone else would have been able to save either of them.

So basically, everything that happens to Eveline happens for a reason, and it is all part of her plan to destroy the world and rule it as its queen. She even says as much when asked why she is doing all this by the mayor: "Because it has to be done".

She also explains a bit more about her plans if you listen carefully during the conversation between her and Ethan near the end of the game: if she kills Mia, that means Chris saved both of them which means he doesn't love death any more than she does (because she needs his help to revive him) and therefore won't be able to stop her once he is awake. If she kills Zoe, that means Chris didn't leave Rebecca in hospital which means he isn't human anymore and will want to kill Eveline.

How do you save Kate in Life Is Strange?

Saving Kate in Life is Strange is one of many people's secondary objectives. But she's well into her desire to leap and die, so you'll have to phrase everything just perfectly to convince her to come down with Max. In fact, the only way you can save her is by making sure she falls victim to certain death.

The first thing you need to do is stop time. To do this, press R3 at any time during chapter one or two. Once time has been stopped, look around you and find Kate. She should be standing next to a tree or some other point of interest. Click on her to select her then click on the tree again to put her in front of it. This will cause her to fall to her death if she wasn't already injured. If you need to go back in time, just repeat these steps until time resumes.

Saving Kate comes down to timing and luck. You'll need to click on her before she hits the ground or else she'll get up again. Also, keep in mind that if you stop time while someone is falling, they will land on their feet. So if you see someone about to hit something hard like the ground or a tree, stop time right before they strike themself.

Once Kate has been saved, she'll tell you how she wants to die.

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