Do you quote block quotes?

Do you quote block quotes?

Block quotations, as opposed to quotes embedded in your content, do not require quotation marks. Take note of how the punctuation is placed. Following a block quotation, the punctuation comes before the citation, not after. This tells readers that what they are about to read is not part of the original text but its own independent thought.

For example: "Jean-Jacques Rousseau had many ideas about education that still influence people today. His thoughts on the benefits of learning music and drawing and the need for children to be allowed freedom play with me every day in school. I love how interested he was in teaching students about society and helping them understand their role in it."

Rousseau's ideas about education continue to affect people today because they were sound. It isn't necessary to quote him directly because his main concepts can be inferred from the text. Readers know this because there are no quotation marks around "education" or any other word except for "a" which is used to introduce an illustration.

Illustrations are used to add life to your writing and break up heavy paragraphs. However, some illustrations can be very distracting and should be chosen carefully. Block quotations are one such choice because they give readers credit for their own thinking and prevent them from being distracted by the surrounding text.

How do you punctuate a block quote?

There are no quote marks around block quotations. The citation comes before the punctuation at the conclusion of the block quotation. The last reference is provided in the block quotation's last line. Following the block quotation, the content begins on its own line, with no indentation.

Are block quotes indented on both sides?

Normally, the punctuation comes after the citation, however following a block quotation, the punctuation comes first. All lines of the block quotation should be indented. Only indent from the left margin. Do not use spaces or tabs for indenting.

Do you indent a block quote?

Indent one-half inch for APA. Two spaces for Chicago.

How much is a block quote indented?

Block quotes begin on a new line. The full block quotation is indented 0.5 inches, the same as a new paragraph, and double spaced.

How do you continue after a block quote?

Simply keep double spacing throughout your content. Block quotations, like any other source, require a reference. This does not change the meaning of the quotation; it is done this way for stylistic purposes.

What is block quote formatting?

A block quote is a lengthy quotation that is indented and put on a new line to form a separate block of text. There are no quote marks. Block quotations are indented 0.5 inch from the left in APA and MLA styles, and an in-text citation is added after the period. Other citation styles have their own set of rules. The term "block quotation" comes from the fact that these passages were originally printed as blocks of type without indentation or line breaks.

Block quotations are used to highlight important ideas within longer works. They can be used in essays, reports, and other documents to give readers a quick overview of the main points without distracting them with additional information. Using block quotations properly is an effective way to organize complex material and enhance readability for your audience.

When writing your own work, you should use block quotations whenever appropriate. If someone else's work is being quoted extensively, then they most likely used block quotations themselves which means you should too!

Block quotations look best when they are typed up whole with no broken lines between sentences or words. However, it is acceptable to break up a block quotation if it makes reading it easier. For example, if there is a long sentence that could not be fit onto one line, then break it up into several paragraphs instead. This will not affect its appearance in the finished document.

Finally, be sure to include a source page number for every block quotation you use in your work.

When is a block quotation used in a research paper's punctuation?

When a block quotation is used in a research article, it is separated from the parenthetical citation by a comma.

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