Does J-14 magazine still exist?

Does J-14 magazine still exist?

J-14's Spanish-language web version debuted in April 2015. In 2018, American Media, Inc. purchased Bauer's US children's publications. Included in the purchase was the digital rights to Disney Adventures magazine which has been relaunched as Disney Junior Magazine.

Is J-14 magazine still around?

J-14 is a monthly teen magazine aimed towards preteen and adolescent females aged 11–19. 14th (J-14th)

The July 2014 issue of J-14. From left to right: Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, and Austin Mahone.
Year founded1998
First issueJanuary 1999
CompanyAmerican Media, Inc.

Is J-14 a good magazine?

J-14 Magazine is published bimonthly. This magazine is one of my favorites to read. It provides its users with beautiful photographs and informative writing. "The posters are excellent and thick, and they're a good size." The finest celebrity magazine available!

It has more than 150 pages including photos, interviews, columns from various authors, news stories, and more.

This magazine is great for anyone who wants to learn more about movies, actors, actresses, or music artists. There are also several short articles written for readers by writers such as Christopher Nolan (director), Lee Child (writer), and Warren Ellis (artist).

There are four main sections in this magazine: News & Views, which includes movie reviews from various authors; Original Interviews, which includes Q&A's with celebrities; Poster Pages, which features artwork from some of the most popular artists; and Columns, which consists of essays from different authors on different topics related to movies.

In conclusion, I would say that this is one of the best magazines out there because not only does it provide interesting information about movies but also acts as a guide for viewers how to improve their movie watching experience.

Is there still an American Girl magazine?

American Girl Magazine was a publication by American Girl. The magazine debuted in December 1992 and was shut down in January 2019 after a run of twenty-seven years. Beginning in 2001, the magazine was published bimonthly, with six regular issues per year and select issue specials.

The Cosmo cosmos presently has 64 foreign editions available in over 100 countries and 35 languages.

Is Word Up magazine still published?

It was a young entertainment and music magazine published in the United States. Word Up discontinued publishing in 2012....

When did the National Geographic Kids magazine start?

National Geographic Kids, the magazine's children's edition, debuted in 1975 under the name National Geographic World. The journal began distributing The Complete National Geographic in the late 1990s, a digital archive of every previous issue of the magazine. In 2001, the complete title was renamed National Geographic Young Reader's Edition and focused more on fiction stories and activities than on science articles.

Young Reader's Edition was discontinued after 15 years. In 2016, National Geographic launched Nat Geo Kids, a new monthly children's magazine that focuses on interactive stories, games, and activities. The first issue was released in October 2016 and features stories about space and animals. A second issue was released in January 2017 and highlights stories about human beings and their history.

Both versions of the magazine were published by National Geographic Partners, LLC. The publisher of both magazines is now Hachette Filipacchi Media-UCC.

In addition to its print publication, National Geographic has several other products for kids. There's also an online channel called NatGeoKids that features videos, games, and activities. This channel is owned and operated by National Geographic Partners, LLC.

Finally, there's a cartoon series called "The Amazing Adventures of Doc Sockit" that's available on Amazon Prime.

Is Yankee magazine still published?

Yankee Publishing Incorporated (YPI) publishes it, one of the few surviving family-owned and independent magazine publishers in the United States. It is a member of the Association of City and Regional Magazines. The company was founded by Joseph W. Schoenfeldt and his son Arthur W. Schoenfeldt in 1923.

They were both graduates of Yale University and former employees of The New York Times. They decided to start their own newspaper publication because they believed that the city needed more quality journalism than was being offered by any other paper at the time. They hired noted journalists as editors including Henry R. Luce who later created Time Magazine. In addition, they hired some of the most talented artists from around the world to create artwork for its pages. By the late 1920s, Yankee Publishing had become one of the largest metropolitan newspaper chains in the country with newspapers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

In 1973, after nearly 100 years of publishing news magazines, it launched YANKEE!, its first monthly consumer magazine. It also began publishing books under various brands including Yankee, Revell, Taylor's, Brookside, and Hardy Boys.

In 1994, YPI sold most of its publications to Pulitzer Inc. but it kept Yankee Magazine and several other titles.

How much is a subscription to Seventeen magazine?

MagazineLine Seventeen-Magazine Subscription (Save 67%): Magazineline: Books. It's the world's #1 women's magazine, and it's available at your local bookstore or online here.

Seventeen Magazine offers readers an innovative mix of content that includes news, trends, beauty tips, celebrity interviews, recipes, and more. Published biweekly by Rodale Inc., the magazine has been reaching millions of women since its first issue in 1958. With more than 5 million subscribers, it's one of the most popular magazines in the United States.

The magazine covers topics that include fashion, beauty, health, home improvement, food, drink, travel, books, movies, music, sports, technology, education, and politics. There are several different subscription levels for Seventeen, but all include four issues per year. The Premium Edition is priced at $14.95 per month, while the Super Special Edition is priced at $19.95 per month.

A subscription to Seventeen Magazine can be purchased at many places including bookstores, grocery stores, convenience stores, drugstores, mass merchandisers, and newsstands. It also can be found on some print and digital media racks at airports and other public venues.

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