Does PG stand for page or paragraph?

Does PG stand for page or paragraph?

The APA referencing style, which I have mostly followed, necessitates the use of p. For single-page references or citations Book Title, p. So p is for page and pp is for pages. I've never heard of pg being used, although I do use it in casual note-taking. It's probably not standard practice.

Does PP stand for paragraph?

When referring to a single page number, use the abbreviation p. If there are several pages, use pp. To denote them. If an electronic source does not give page numbers, use the paragraph number, which should be prefixed by the abbreviation "para.".

Is PP a page or a paragraph?

For pages When page numbers are unavailable, use par. For paragraph.

What does the abbreviation PG stand for in basketball?

Pregnant PG Parental Guidance Suggested Acronym Definition (MPAA rating) Point Guard (PG) A player who leads their team by setting up teammates and by making smart decisions with the ball. They are usually very creative and can think several steps ahead of the game.

The term "point guard" came from the fact that these players led their teams to victory by throwing the rock to a teammate called a "shooter". Before this term was used, players were simply identified by their position, so the point guard was just another name for the quarterback. Today, the term has evolved into a general label for leaders on any team. The point guard is usually given many responsibility, including controlling the flow of the game, calling plays during timeout periods, and sometimes even taking the shot when needed.

There are many types of point guards, but they all have one thing in common: they are the leader of their team. This means that they will make decisions about what role they will play on offense or defense, and they will also be the first player off the bench if their team needs a boost of energy. The point guard is responsible for getting others involved in the game, so if they aren't doing their job, then their team might suffer as far as wins and losses are concerned.

Is PG a word?

No, the letter PG does not appear in the Scrabble lexicon. However, there are several words that begin with this letter combination: p-g-r (or pg-r).

What does PG stand for in business and finance?

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Do you include page numbers in MLA citations?

In-text citation in MLA style is done using the author-page technique. This implies that the author's last name and the page number (s) from which the quotation or paraphrase is derived must be included in the text, and a complete citation must be included on your Works Cited page. Page numbers are usually placed at the end of quotations; however, if the quotation is long enough to warrant it, then placing the page number at the beginning may not be inappropriate.

In general, one should avoid putting page numbers in quotations unless doing so would be helpful to the reader. Some editors believe that including page numbers in quotations makes them difficult to search.

However, if you must include page numbers in quotations, use only consecutive numbers without punctuation or spaces between them. Also, rather than citing multiple pages from the same source, cite the entire book or article instead. Finally, when quoting extensively from a single book or article, it is acceptable to refer to its entirety by simply typing the title in italics followed by the page number on which it can be found.

For example, if we were writing about John Milton and his "Areopagitica" speech, we might quote him as follows: "To begin at the beginning: my own case is nothing unusual. I was born into poverty, hardship, and grief. My father died when I was eleven years old.

What is the MLA format for a book?

In the list of Works Cited, an MLA book reference usually contains the author(s), title (italicized), publisher, and year of publication... I'm quoting a book chapter.

FormatAuthor last name, First name. “Title of Chapter or Work.” Book Title, edited by Editor name, Publisher, Year, pp. Page range.
In-text citation(Smith 101)

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