Is the Guardian published on a Sunday?

Is the Guardian published on a Sunday?

In the United Kingdom, the Guardian publishes a daily newspaper from Monday through Saturday, as well as a Sunday sister edition, The Observer, and a website. It reaches more people there than any other newspaper publisher. The Guardian was founded in 1821 by Charles Robert Carrington.

It is published by Guardian News & Media, which also owns the Independent newspaper group. The Guardian has a social responsibility agenda and promotes activism including support for political causes. It has been described as a left-wing paper and a liberal newspaper.

Carrington's original paper was a six-day weekly but it soon became known as a radical newspaper with strong opinions. Today, it focuses on news coverage from Britain and around the world.

The Guardian is available free every day from over 8,000 distribution points across the UK. It is also available online at and via the Apple and Android apps.

Are there any specials issues of the Guardian?

There are two special issues of the Guardian each year: Christmas and Easter. These issues are different from their regular editions and contain articles on religious topics over the holidays.

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The Observer is a Sunday newspaper in the United Kingdom... The newspaper The Observer.

The Observer front page on 21 January 2018
TypeSunday newspaper
Circulation140,100 (as of July 2020)
Sister newspapersThe Guardian, The Guardian Weekly

What is in the Guardian Weekly?

The Guardian Weekly is a handpicked compilation of the world's most significant stories and intriguing writing from the Guardian, The Observer,, and our foreign digital editions in Australia and the United States. Selected by staff journalists, it aims to give readers a quick overview of the major news stories that have gripped the global media in the past week.

The contents of the Guardian Weekly are drawn from a variety of sources including international news agencies such as Reuters and AP, as well as local newspapers and magazines across the globe. Some articles may also come from television or radio reports.

The print edition of the Guardian Weekly is published every Sunday and contains around 150 stories from around the world. It is free to all Guardian readers and includes an index to further guide you to certain issues or topics of interest.

There is also a digital version of the magazine available online at which is updated throughout the day with new content. All versions of the magazine include links to corresponding articles on

Finally, there is a weekly podcast called "The Weekly" presented by James Walton which goes into more detail about some of the stories covered in the magazine. It can be found on iTunes and other podcasting sites.

Guardian writers based in London contribute daily coverage of news and features.

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