Does the period go after the citation APA?

Does the period go after the citation APA?

The sentence's punctuation comes after the parentheses. If your quote is forty words or more, open a new line, indent one inch, and do not use quotation marks. Put a period after the final word of the phrase, followed by the parenthesis, at the conclusion of the quote. This period goes inside the parenthesis.

Does punctuation go before or after the citation?

Unless the quotation is followed by a citation, the last period or comma is placed inside the quotation marks even though it is not part of the quoted content. If a quotation is followed by a citation in parentheses, the citation is followed by a period. Otherwise, leave a space between the end of the quotation and the citation.

Does period go inside quotes in APA?

Commas, periods, exclamation points, and question marks should be put inside quote marks; all other punctuation symbols should be placed outside quotation marks. It is adequate to provide direct quotations of fewer than forty words (for quotes of more than forty words, use block quotations). When writing essays or articles that include lengthy quotations, it is advisable to place a page break between the end of one quotation and the beginning of the next.

In academic papers, quotations are used to express ideas or facts from different sources. In general, quotations are attributed to their original authors by including their names at the beginning of the quotation. However, it is acceptable to omit this information if it is clear who said what idea/fact- if you are writing about multiple people, then they can be identified as such. You should also identify sources by using citations. These are written using the author-date system. For example, an article about the history of Europe would contain several quotes from historians, each followed by the name of the historian and a date on which they made the comment referenced. Without the name of the source, this quote could belong to any number of people who have made similar claims over time.

How do you cite line numbers in APA?

After the second quote mark, but before the period or closing punctuation, insert the parenthetical citation. Line numbers should be included in your citation, with a dash between two lines.

How do you cite a quote that is longer than 40 words in APA?

Prolonged quotations Direct quotes of 40 words or more should be included in a free-standing block of typewritten lines, with quotation marks omitted. Begin the citation on a new line, indented 1/2 inch from the left margin, just as you would a new paragraph. Include the page number within this block of text.

Should citations have a period at the end?

The publishing manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). Washington, DC-based author Place the period after the closing bracket of the citation for a quotation of 39 words or less that concludes a sentence (American Psychological Association [APA], 2020, p. 6). For examples, quotations used within abstracts or in introductory materials are generally not cited with periods, but those quoted in the body of an article are usually included (APA, 2020, pp. 6-7).

How do you insert a long quote in APA?

Prolonged quotations (block quotes) Begin the citation on a new line, five spaces in from the left margin. Indent the first line of any successive paragraph inside the quotation five spaces from the new margin, then type the whole quotation on the new margin. Continue to use double spacing. End the quotation with a period and two spaces.

Do intext citations go at the end of a sentence in APA?

The APA Style Standards urge authors to provide a citation after each instance of paraphrased or quoted content, rather than at the conclusion of each sentence. If the quotation comes in the middle of a sentence, close it with quotation marks and mention the source in parentheses right after the...

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