Does the Philadelphia Daily News still exist?

Does the Philadelphia Daily News still exist?

The Philadelphia Daily News is a tabloid daily published in the United States that covers the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The newspaper is owned by Philadelphia Media Network, which also owns The Philadelphia Inquirer, the city's second main daily. The Daily News was founded in 1884 by William A. Pattison and W. Willis Corbin.

They are the oldest continuously published newspaper in Pennsylvania and the fourth oldest in America (behind The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post).

The Daily News has won more than 100 awards from organizations such as the National Newspaper Association, the Associated Press, the Online Journalism Awards, and the Pennsylvania Associated Press.

It has been called "America's Oldest Daily" and "Philly's Biggest Deal."

The Daily News has a circulation of 710,000 copies per day, including Sunday editions.

It is printed at three locations in Philadelphia: City Hall, 13th Street and Chestnut Street, and on the University Park campus of the University of Pennsylvania. The Daily News building at 1735 Walnut Street is now used as a museum honoring the newspaper's history.

The Daily News was an early pioneer in online journalism, launching in 1995.

Does the New York Daily News still exist?

The New York Daily News, formally titled The Daily News, is a New York City-based American newspaper. The Daily News is owned by Tribune Publishing, which also owns the New York Times. In May 2021, Alden Global Capital, which runs its media businesses through Digital First Media, bought this firm. The paper has been in decline for many years and was reported to have lost $44 million in 2017.

It was founded on November 15, 1866, by E.W. Scripps as a six-day weekly printed on paper that was then delivered by horse and wagon. In 1969, it became a daily newspaper. It reached a national audience when it began publishing its famous "Champion of Freedom" cover image with Frank O'Connor's cartoon character, Jimmy Swaggart, in 1972.

In April 2018, the Daily News published an article suggesting that Donald Trump had committed murder. The president called for the death of the paper's owner, Jeff Bezos, who at the time was also the owner of Amazon. After the publication of the article, several politicians and activists had images printed up as decoys featuring a photo of them covered in blood in an attempt to fool police into thinking that they had murdered someone.

The Daily News is known for its hard-hitting journalism and has been called America's oldest surviving newspaper organization. Its reporters have won more than 150 awards from organizations such as the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Press Club.

Where was the Pennsylvania Gazette published?

Philadelphia The Pennsylvania Gazette, which was published from 1728 until 1800, was one of the most renowned and successful newspapers in the American colonies and early republic. The publication was founded in 1729 in Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin and Hugh Meredith. In 1730, they hired William Goddard as an assistant editor. In 1733, the paper's name was changed to The Pennsylvania Weekly Journal. In 1735, the paper was again renamed to its current name. By this time, it had become a daily newspaper.

The paper played an important role in the colonial movement for independence from Britain and became one of the first newspapers in America to use the word "democracy." It also published some of the earliest articles written by Thomas Paine. The Pennsylvania Gazette was succeeded by other newspapers that were published in Philadelphia including The Daily National Intelligencer (1790-1811), The Public Ledger (1811-1822), and The National Advocate (1822-1827).

In 1800, the paper's owner, Benjamin Franklin Bache, died at the age of 39. His son Joseph Bonaparte Bache then took over the paper and later that year, he sold half of the paper's stock to Hugh Meredith for $100,000. In 1801, Joseph Bache moved the paper's offices to New York City because of rising taxes in Philadelphia.

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