Does the Wall Street Journal come out every day?

Does the Wall Street Journal come out every day?

Dow Jones & Company, a part of News Corp., publishes The Journal and its Asian editions six days a week. The newspaper is available in broadsheet and online formats. Since its start on July 8, 1889, by Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser, the Journal has been printed continually. Originally called the New York Journal, it was an afternoon paper that covered news from the United States and abroad.

It changed its name to The Wall Street Journal in 1989 to distinguish itself from other newspapers with similar names. Before then, readers sometimes confused the Journal with another daily newspaper published in New York City at the time, the Journal American.

Charles Dow invented the stock market index that bears his name. It began as a way for him to track the performance of industrials traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In 1894, he added a measure for gold prices to his index, making it a dual-indexed standard that many other markets now follow. Today, those indexes are reported by a number of different companies, including Dow Jones & Company.

The Journal reports on business and financial news across the globe, with an emphasis on America and Asia. Its coverage includes international politics, economics, science, technology, sports, and culture. The newspaper is known for its editorial stance of liberal capitalism with a focus on business news.

It is read by more than 30 million people around the world.

Does the Wall Street Journal publish seven days a week?

Dow Jones & Company, a part of News Corp., publishes The Journal and its Asian editions six days a week. The newspaper is available in broadsheet print as well as online at

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Managing editorKaren Miller Pensiero
Opinion editorPaul A. Gigot
FoundedJuly 8, 1889

What does the Wall Street Journal cover?

The Wall Street Journal is a daily business and financial newspaper published in New York City and distributed across the United States. The major function of Dow Jones & Company is to cover business and financial news. On July 8, 1889, the first edition was released. Today, the company owns approximately 50 media outlets that cover politics, health, money, science, technology, and other topics.

As of 2012, the paper has an average annual circulation of 2.9 million copies, making it the largest daily newspaper by circulation volume in the United States. It also claims the largest international readership among newspapers in the English language.

The Journal is best known for its stock market coverage, which includes reports on corporate news, analysis of companies' performances, articles on investing strategies, interviews with executives, news about initial public offerings (IPOs), and coverage of financial markets worldwide. It also publishes news stories on politics, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, science, and technology.

The Journal was originally called the New York World before being renamed after the publication's original owner, William Randolph Hearst.

It is owned by News Corporation, which also publishes Fox News Channel, The Sun Newspapers, and several other publications.

Where does the Wall Street Journal get its news from?

The Asian Wall Street Journal, published in Hong Kong, and The Wall Street Journal Europe, published in Brussels, are two other daily versions. Charles H. Dow of Dow Jones & Company started the Wall Street Journal in order to cover business and financial news. Today, the paper is read by more than 300,000 people in print and online.

The Asian Wall Street Journal reports on Japan's economy, technology, science, and politics. It also covers China's booming economy and its efforts to improve its image through foreign investment. The paper was founded in 1949 by William R. Jensen from the former American Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo. The first European edition of the Wall Street Journal launched in Brussels in 1991. It is now printed at the same time and in the same place as the U.S. newspaper.

All articles in the journal are written by paid staff journalists. They are then edited by editorial employees who select those articles that will be included in each issue of the paper. Around 70 percent of writers are based in Asia, while some employees are also located in Europe and the United States.

The Asian Wall Street Journal uses a similar system to choose which stories will be included in each issue. However, since it has less space for articles, it shows more of them. Each story is accompanied by a small photo; sometimes there are also maps or charts.

Is the Wall Street Journal printed today?

Except on the days mentioned below, the Wall Street Journal is published Monday through Saturday. Sunday's Journal includes the top stories from the previous week.

The Wall Street Journal was first published on February 20, 1889. It has been based in New York City since then. The newspaper is an American daily financial news and opinion website published by News Corp. Its editor is Mark Thompson, who took over after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016. Before that, Rupert Murdoch was its chairman and CEO.

It has been called "the Bible of business" and "the marquee headline readout at morning meetings across America." It also receives more than 25 million page views each month, making it the most-read business journal in the world.

Its readers focus on businesses and investments. They include leaders of large companies, government officials, agency analysts, and members of the media.

Each day, the Journal publishes news reports, analysis, long pieces, and short profiles of people working in the world of finance and business. Some examples: "How Goldman Sachs Makes Its Money" and "Richest Americans 2015".

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