How can I pass my TATES exam?

How can I pass my TATES exam?

Examine the image attentively and jot down any and all information that come to mind. They will assist you in properly framing the tale. Never compose a narrative with predetermined notions. Also, don't attempt to push things inside the frame. Only write about what you see.

Now, it's time to transfer your creative vision onto paper. Start by establishing an objective for your story. What do you want to convey through this image? Does it need to be dramatic? Fun? Serious? All of these elements can be incorporated into one piece.

After deciding on your image's purpose, choose the best words to express it. The language of photography is actually similar to that of writing- you need a beginning, middle and end. But instead of using sentences, photographers use photographs. A photo cannot tell stories by itself but rather it needs to go along with a narrative or explanation page.

The next step is to decide where to shoot from. If you are able to, try to avoid shooting from the same perspective twice. This will help give your images more variety. When choosing your location, think about how it affects the story you wish to tell with this image. Is it dark? Light? Quiet? Loud? These factors should influence where you position yourself and what you do with your camera.

Finally, put some thought into your composition.

How can I prepare for the test?

As a result, in order to excel at writing SSB TAT tales for photographs displayed during the exam, you must follow a few easy guidelines to impress the SSB testing officers.

  1. Practice SSB TAT story writing as much as possible.
  2. While practicing, observe the picture and speak out loud the 7 observations you can gather.
  3. Always be cool.

How can I get full marks in an exam?

Extra Suggestions

  1. Write Clearly and to the point.
  2. Don’t Play Blue- Black with pens while writing.
  3. You don’t have time to look around the corners.
  4. Don’t rush in the first 15 minutes. These are for Reading Question Paper only.
  5. Keep Time in mind. Don’t waste too much time on a single question.

How can I write a PTE exam?

Writing and Speaking (77-93 minutes)

  1. Personal introduction.
  2. Read aloud.
  3. Repeat sentence.
  4. Describe image.
  5. Re-tell lecture.
  6. Answer short question.
  7. Summarize written text.
  8. Essay (20 mins)

How can I get out of my last minute exam?

How To Flee At The Last Second

  1. Provide an incorrect answer.
  2. Give a long-winded exposition on another topic unrelated to the question.
  3. Redefine basic terminology or define new, absurd terminology.
  4. Talk about yourself and your experiences instead of the subject at hand.
  5. Argue with the examiners.

How can I get good marks in my 10th exam?

When trying the 8th board paper, keep the following considerations in mind:

  1. First read the question paper well.
  2. Use the first 15 minutes effectively.
  3. Don’t worry about the tough ones.
  4. Prioritise your attempt.
  5. Ensure speed and accuracy.
  6. Keep an eye on your watch.
  7. Avoid thinking too much about a question.
  8. Revise your answers.

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