How did Annabel Lee feel about the speaker?

How did Annabel Lee feel about the speaker?

What was Annabel Lee's reaction to the speaker? "Annabel Lee" tells the story of a lovely, heartbreaking memory. The poem's speaker recalls his long-lost love, Annabel Lee. He feels sorry for her and hopes one day to see her again.

Here is how William Wordsworth ends the poem: "She is but a dream! Yet I will try to find the place where she lies buried."

The poem is about a man who loses his love and tries to move on with his life but can't because it's impossible to forget about her.

Wordsworth was trying to express that even though Annabel Lee is just a beautiful memory, you should never forget about her. Even though she may be gone, she has left her mark on the poet and will always remain in his heart.

Love is a powerful emotion that can bring out the best in people or the worst. It can heal us or hurt us. It can make us happy or leave us broken. There are many different types of love in this world. Sometimes we even need to learn how to love ourselves before we can love others.

Words cannot describe how much I love you. I hope one day to see you again.

What is the deeper meaning of Annabel Lee?

Even the angels in heaven observed and were jealous of their love. Perhaps that was a negative thing, because our speaker blames the angels for his girlfriend's death.

He believes that if it weren't for the angels, she would still be alive. Her death was so painful for him that he can't help but think about it every day.

The poem ends with a question: "Why does the wind blow? Why do the waves roll? Is there any reason why we cry?"

The deeper meaning of "Annabel Lee" is that love is terrible, because it causes pain and loss, even to the ones you love most. "Annabel Lee" reminds us that life is short and that we need to enjoy it while we can.

Who is the speaker, Annabel Lee?

The speaker of "Annabel Lee" is the poem's narrator and Annabel's assumed boyfriend. Because the poem is written from the narrator's point of view, we cannot be sure how much of it is true.

He claims to be a wealthy landowner who lives in the town of Annabel Lee. The narrator says he has known her since she was a child and they shared a love for poetry. He admits that they may not have been as close as one would think but insists that their friendship is real enough for him to mourn her death. He says he will always love her even though she is now married to another man. The husband he refers to is Lord Randolph Churchill, a powerful politician who is also mentioned in poems by his wife, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

It is possible that the narrator of this poem is Mr. Churchill himself writing about his deceased wife. This idea is supported by the fact that both men were poets who loved Annabel Lee. It is also worth mentioning that Mrs. Churchill was believed to have died before Mr. Churchill became Prime Minister so it is likely that he wrote this poem after she died. He could have written it at the time of its publication or perhaps even years later when he remembered all of the details about their relationship.

How did the writer describe Annabel Lee?

The speaker knew Annabel Lee when she was a little child, and they both lived "in a country by the sea." Despite the fact that they were just youngsters, these two were madly in love. However, nothing could save them from death. After years of living happily together, the poet is devastated when he learns that Annabel has been killed during a raid by the British army. From then on, he remembers her every day.

This poem is very emotional! The first thing that pops into your head when you read this poem is how innocent and young everyone involved was. It feels like we are watching a movie about two kids who loved each other so much that they wanted to be married before anyone else. Unfortunately, love isn't always rational; it can make people do crazy things. In this case, it caused the boy to kill himself after learning that his girlfriend had been killed in action during World War II.

Here are some lines from the poem that might help you understand why it says what it does: "The soldier lost in war/Is one too many, but he's human, so..." This poem is trying to tell us that even though this soldier was only doing his job, losing him still hurts because he was once a kid too.

Another thing that makes this poem special is the way that it uses language to create emotion.

What emotion is being evoked by the poem, Annabel Lee?

This terrible event in a love relationship is described in Annabel Lee's poetry. Edgar Allan Poe, an American poet, wrote the poem. It's a sad poem about a man who has lost a loved one and how he goes on with his life after that. This shows that even though you may lose someone you love, you cannot stop living your life.

Poe based this poem on a real-life incident that happened to him. His friend Annabel Lee was going to be married soon but she died before her wedding day. He created this poem as a tribute to her.

In addition to being a great poet, Poe was also a very good short story writer. This poem is included among his works.

Annabel Lee was his only real love interest during his lifetime. She was a beautiful young woman who lived in Richmond, Virginia. They met when she came to see Edgar Allan Poe perform at the Gaffney Coffee House in 1829. They immediately fell in love and were engaged to be married but it didn't work out because she died at the age of 26. This poem is written about her death.

She died without any children so there is no direct relation between the character and its creator in this poem. However, since Edgar Allan Poe was very lonely and had no family of his own, perhaps this is why he wrote this poem about his love story.

What is the tone of Annabel Lee?

In Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee," a speaker laments the loss of his love. The tone of the poem is regretful and melancholy, yet it eventually rises to a bold determination. The tone is echoed in the atmosphere, which begins with a haunting sorrow and progresses into a contradictory grandeur. These are some examples of the different tones present in the work:

Sorrowful – this is the tone of the first stanza. It starts out with a speaker lamenting the loss of his love and ends with him making a final attempt to see her before she dies.

Resolute – this tone is shown through the use of strong verbs at the end of each line. For example, the last line states that the speaker will fight against his fate with all his might.

Effortlessly majestic – here the poet uses grand language to describe Annabel Lee's character. She is said to have had a face that was beautiful beyond description, eyes that were stars, and hair that was golden like sunlight. This makes her seem other-worldly yet graceful at the same time.

Doomsday prophecy – this tone is used to predict disaster or tragedy about to befall someone. In this case, it tells of a terrible fire that will destroy everything around them.

Epic battle scene – here the poet describes a huge war between good and evil where both sides have powerful weapons.

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