How did the French Revolution affect the Romantic poets?

How did the French Revolution affect the Romantic poets?

The French Revolution had a significant impact on Romantic authors. The French Revolution, according to William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, and Percy Shelley, was the beginning of a shift in society and helped to better the lives of the downtrodden. It is because of this that these authors considered it important for freedom and equality to exist within society.

Byron was one of the first major poets after George III to write about political affairs. In his work Don Juan he talks about many different topics including love, religion, and politics but always from a subjective point of view. He believed that people should be free to think for themselves instead of being told what to do by their governments.

Percy Bysshe Shelley was another major poet who wrote about political affairs. Like Byron, he also used his poetry as a tool for change. He wanted to help give women rights by writing a poem called Mary Wollstonecraft's Godwin. He thought that people needed change in their government so he wrote A Philosophical Investigation into the effects of the French Revolution. This short work discussed how the new system would effect morality and society at large.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was another major author who wrote about political affairs. Like Wordsworth, Coleridge felt that the French Revolution began a new period in history where people started thinking for themselves instead of relying on others to tell them what to do.

How did literature impact the French Revolution?

The French Revolution sparked a renewed interest in nature and the fundamental simplicity of existence in literature. It hastened the arrival of the romantic era and the demise of the Augustan school of poetry, which was already dormant in Wordsworth's time. Also, the revolution helped to create a new class of people who were used to living in luxury and thus needed entertainment to keep them from going insane with boredom. The theatres reopened with spectacular success and they are still popular today.

During the revolution, many books were burned but some were saved and are now worth lots of money. For example, "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" by Choderlos de Laclos is about two aristocrats who have an affair and it gets them both into trouble with the law. Today, this book is considered one of the first examples of psychological fiction.

How did romanticism influence the French Revolution?

The political liberalism of the French Revolution inspired the independence, individualism, and defiance of imposed rules in Romantic writing, resulting in "Liberalism in Literature." The ideas of equality, fraternity, and liberty inspired the Romantic writers. They wanted to express their opinions about politics and society without restricting themselves by traditional forms of expression.

Romanticism had a major impact on the French Revolution. It was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the modern world: science, technology, democracy. Without this movement, there would be no France as we know it today: there would only be another European country with an aristocratic monarchy.

According to some historians, many members of the French government were also supporters of Romanticism. For example, George Washington read Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Emile twice. Also, Benjamin Franklin is said to have been influenced by William Shakespeare during his time in Paris. However, others say that this connection is false. Still, it does show that there was a connection between Romanticism and the beginning of the American Revolution as well as the French Revolution.

In what ways was the romantic movement a revolution?

Revolutionary events such as the French and American revolutions affected the Romantic movement of 19th century art and literature. Many outside factors impacted the 18th century Romantic poets, the most significant of which being the French Revolution. The French government's execution of King Louis XVI in 1793 and Queen Marie Antoinette in 1794 for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government caused an uproar among the people. This led to many poems being written about the deaths including "The World is Not Yet Suicidal" by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Another event that influenced Romantic poetry was the American War of Independence. The war pitted America against its former friend and ally, Britain. As more Americans became aware of this conflict, it became important for them to have an identity beyond just being colonists so writers started using American Indians as a basis for this new nation. Poems were also written about other events such as the Haitian Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.

Romantic artists also had political motives for creating their work. For example, William Blake created paintings and drawings to show how much power humans have over one another and how these actions can lead to tragedy. John Constable painted scenes from rural England that helped promote peace after the Napoleonic Wars.

Finally, the Romantic movement was a reaction to the rules imposed on artists during the early years of British royalty.

How did the Romantic period affect literary history?

We witnessed incredible wit and sarcasm (with Pope and Swift) in the previous period, but the Romantic Period began with a new poetry in the air. We are on the verge of the Industrial Revolution, and writers have been influenced by the French Revolution as they write their way into literary history.

Romantic poets such as Byron, Shelley, and Keats were inspired by Greek mythology, and they introduced new ways of looking at the world and human nature. Although these poets lived in different parts of Europe and America, they were all friends who shared ideas about poetry and life. This kind of community feeling was rare at the time, so many people admired them for their talent and knowledge. They also had political views like the French Revolution, but unlike some other writers of their day, they did not focus on politics alone. Instead, they showed us that beauty can be found in everything from flowers to storms, and it can change our feelings about life.

The Romantic poets are called "fathers" of modern literature because they opened up new areas of experience for readers to enjoy. Before this time, people mostly read historical novels about kings and queens, but now we are invited to find the romance in our daily lives. The Romantic poets helped us see more than just politics or history - they showed us how to look at nature and feel about love through their works.

These men were popular speakers at court, and they used this opportunity to criticize government policies.

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