How did Violet Westing die in the Westing Game?

How did Violet Westing die in the Westing Game?

Violet committed suicide the night before her wedding, causing her parents' marriage to fall apart. The quotes in The Westing Game below are either said by Violet Westing or allude to Violet Westing.

“I cannot tell a lie; I am going to marry Jasper Westing tomorrow morning at nine o'clock.” - Violet Westing

“All marriages are happy or unhappy according to how you look at them.” - Henry David Thoreau

“Marriage is the only industry that pays its workers according to what they are worth.�” - Abraham Lincoln

“I'm not saying that all men are angels, but most of them are at least interesting.” - Shirley MacLaine

“It's not that I don't love my husband, I just found out he loves someone else.” - Diana Vreeland

“Men fear commitment because they are afraid they might get hurt. Women fear commitment because they want to be hurt.�” - Ms. Magazine Contributor

Why did Violet Westing kill herself?

She was once in love with George Theodorakis, the son of one of Westing's employees, but her mother thought the match was improper and planned for Violet to marry a corrupt politician. Her father started working long hours and stopped taking care of his household duties. When Violet didn't show up at the wedding party, her friends assumed that she had changed her mind about marrying the politician and hadn't come to stop her from going through with it.

Violet Westing is a character in Louisa May Alcott's novel Suicide. The book is set in New York City during the mid-19th century when suicide was considered a serious crime. Violet commits suicide after learning that her mother has arranged for her to marry a man she doesn't love and who is several years her senior. Her friends decide not to tell her husband about the marriage arrangement because they believe he would want to help his wife find happiness. After hearing about the marriage from her friends, Violet writes a letter explaining why she needs to die and sends this letter to the mayor, who will then have to report her death to police authorities.

In real life, there are cases where people have killed themselves because their marriages were falling apart or because they were divorced but still living together, so this situation isn't unique to Violet's story.

What does Judge Ford learn about Mrs. Westing and Violet?

Upon questioning George Theodorakis in Chapter 20 of The Westing Game, Judge Ford and Sandy McSouthers learn of his history as Violet Westing's childhood sweetheart. Westing broke up the love affair, deeming George too working class and desiring that his daughter marry someone important. As punishment, she cut him out of her will.

Years later, after George has become a successful attorney, he seeks out his former lover to ask for her hand in marriage. Violet refuses, but it turns out that she has made another will, this time leaving everything to George if they ever reunite. Filled with joy, George tells this to Sandy when she comes to see him for the first time since recovering from surgery.

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William Goldman is an American screenwriter who has been praised for his "ability to write great dialogue." He has been called "the king of pop culture biographers" for his work on subjects such as Bob Dylan, Dustin Hoffman, and Warren Beatty. His books include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Shampoo, Princess Diana: The True Story, and A Birdalive: The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Who is Violet in The Westing Game?

Violet is the Westings' dead daughter, and she resembles Angela and Grace Wexler. She used to date George Theodorakis until her mother began pressuring her into marrying a crooked politician; she then committed herself. After that incident, she disappeared for several years before showing up at the wedding of her father's friend Graham Stewart. It was then that she told everyone that she was going to live with her aunt in California because her parents had died in a car crash.

Years later, at age 30, she returned to Greece to find out that her parents had been murdered by one of the politicians they had tried to expose. With no money or family, she decided to go back to America where she worked as a waitress until she got a job as an assistant director on a television show called "The Way We Were". In this role, she met and fell in love with another assistant director named Paul Stevens who directed all of Violet's scenes. They eventually married each other in the show's finale.

In the final episode of the series, it is revealed that Violet is pregnant and starts writing letters to her unborn child telling him or her about what has happened in his or her life so far. At the end of the episode, we see that Violet has also written a book titled "The Way We Were: A Story About Family" which tells the story of her life through these letters.

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