How do I cite an entire paragraph in APA?

How do I cite an entire paragraph in APA?

Begin a new line with a 1/2 inch indent from the left margin. This margin should be used for the whole paragraph. The quote should be double-spaced. Insert the author, date, and page number between parentheses after the last punctuation mark. Use this format: (Author, Year).

How do you cite more than 4 lines in APA?

Extensive quotations Begin the citation on a new line, indented 1/2 inch from the left margin, just as you would a new paragraph. Indent the beginning line of any consecutive paragraph inside the quotation 1/2 inch from the new margin, then type the full quotation on the new margin. End the quotation with a period and indent the next line 1/2 inch from the right margin.

Citations within the text require additional steps because they are not at the end of the sentence. First, find the place where the passage discusses or describes the information you are citing. This will be about one-third of the way through the chapter, since most chapters are about 200 words long. Second, include the name of the book, editor, publisher, date, and page number for your citation: Book Name, Editor, Publisher, Date, Page Number. Finally, be sure to follow the style that has been prescribed by your school or publication. For example, if your publication uses the Chicago style, then you should follow its instructions for formatting citations.

How do you cite more than 50 words in APA?

Prose quotes of more than 50 words should be presented as a single-spaced block quotation. Leave a blank line before and after the phrase, and indent the entire quote from the left margin. Please do not use quotation marks. In order to distinguish the quote from other text, it is helpful to number each line or indicate by using * for asterisks.

Citations in the reference list should be done in alphabetical order. Use full names for authors except for initials only or for titles that are too short to be used alone. Put dates on first page of manuscript or abstract.

For additional information on citation styles, please see the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.).

How do you cite a quote that is longer than 40 words in APA?

Extensive quotations Direct quotes of 40 words or more should be typed in a free-standing block of typewritten lines, with quotation marks omitted. Begin the citation on a new line, indented 1/2 inch from the left margin, just as you would a new paragraph. Include the page number within the quotation marks.

In addition to the parenthetical citation system, authors can also use endnotes or bibliographies to provide readers with further information about sources they refer to. Endnotes are attached to pages while bibliographies are listed at the end of the document. Either method can be used to indicate additional reading or other information not suitable for inclusion in the text itself. Endnotes and bibliographies are useful tools for saving space while still providing sufficient detail for readers to understand how and why ideas were selected.

For example, if you were writing about different types of evidence and wanted to include a long excerpt from a book, you could do so without copying all of the text directly into your article. Instead, you could create an endnote containing only this information. Then, when you want to reference the passage, you simply have to type in the citation number followed by "n." This tells readers that they should go to the specified page number to find more information.

Endnotes can also help readers explore topics outside of what you have written about.

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