How do you cite an appendix in APA?

How do you cite an appendix in APA?

To refer to the appendix inside your work, use "(see Appendix A)" in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. For example, if your appendix contains three paragraphs titled "Appendix A, Paragraph 1," "Appendix A, Paragraph 2," and "Appendix A, Paragraph 3," then you would cite it as follows: "See (Appendix A)."

There are two different types of appendices used in writing: descriptive and analytical. In a descriptive appendix, facts, figures, or other material are included to provide additional information about the topic being discussed in the main body of the paper. These materials often help readers understand the study better by providing examples or details that cannot be fit into the main body of the paper. In an analytical appendix, statistical analyses or other methods are presented in detail. These materials are useful for others who may want to reproduce the results of the study.

When writing up your own research, you may include a section on your findings simply called "APPENDIX." You should always identify this section by using one of the above-mentioned styles of appendices. Within the "APPENDIX" section, you can list all your resources, including books, articles, websites, etc.

In APA, is the appendix placed before the references?

The appendix follows the reference list. If you have more than one appendix, call the first one Appendix A, the second Appendix B, and so on. The appendices should be listed in the order in which they occur in your essay. Include a title for each appendix.

How do you write an appendix in an APA interview?


  1. The Appendix goes after the References page.
  2. Example: When interviewing Mrs. Smith, she indicated how she handles her small business. (See Appendix).
  3. The Purdue Owl has a sample Appendix at the end of the sample paper.

How do you include an appendix in a research paper?

The order in which they are presented is determined by the order in which they are referenced in your research paper's content. The header should be "Appendix," followed by a letter or number [e.g., "Appendix A" or "Appendix 1," written in bold and centered. The table of contents must include a listing of appendices (if used).] The title of the appendix should not be longer than 7 characters and should follow this format: "Title of Appendix." Example: "List of Abbreviations."

An appendix is useful if you want to include material that is not relevant to the main body of the paper but still wants to reference it. For example, if you are writing about something that happened before you began working on your project but want to reference previous studies or statistics, you can include them in an appendix. There are two types of appendices: explanatory and analytical.

Explanatory appendices contain information that helps to explain some aspect of your study or topic that could not fit into the main body of the paper. For example, if there was too much detail for the reader to understand about a particular subject but you still want to mention other studies or statistics on the same topic, you could include them in an explanatory appendix.

Analytical appendices contain only information that helps to analyze or interpret data from your study or topic.

Are appendix pages numbered in APA?

All figures, tables, and other visuals in an appendix should be labeled with the letter of the related appendix followed by a number indicating the order in which they appear. For example, the first figure in Appendix A would be called "Appendix A: Figure 1."

See the guidelines below for more information on how to label your figures.

In the body of the article, use the word "appendix" to indicate that there are additional materials that follow the main text.

Do appendixes have titles?

Yes. Appendices are titled using capital letters and should be self-explanatory. They can also include bibliographies or lists of references for the reader's convenience. These forms may also serve as a checklist for the author before sending off his/her manuscript.

Is it okay to have multiple appendices?

However, like any other part of the article, they should be concise and relevant to the topic being discussed.

How many pages do appendices usually come to?

This varies depending on the size of the appendix and its content but most range from 2 to 20 pages long.

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