How do you cite the Constitution in APA 7?

How do you cite the Constitution in APA 7?

If you want to quote the entire United States Constitution, simply mention it in your work without adding a citation in the references list. When mentioning a portion of the Constitution, however, you should utilize the article, amendment, section, and/or clause numbers. For example, if you were quoting the Fifth Amendment, you would write "See, e.g., U.S. Const. amend. V."

Citing the Constitution is easier than most other laws because there are only two places where its text can be found: the original document itself or one of the many editions of the Congressional Document Collection. The original text is available at no charge through the Library of Congress website. Copy editors often insert page numbers within the text for ease of reference, so before citing any passage from the Constitution, check that both your print copy and your online version include these pages. If they don't, add them before proceeding with this step.

Once you have located the correct passage, follow this format for including citations in your paper: last name, first name, middle initial (if applicable), job title, organization, address, telephone number, email address.

For example, if you were writing about animal protection issues in your community and wanted to include a citation of the Eighth Amendment, you would write: "See also U.S. Const. amend. VIII."

Eighth Amendment.

How do you in-text cite the US Constitution?

To reference the United States Constitution in MLA format, add information about where you found it in the Works Cited box. In MLA, how do you quote the Constitution?

Format“Page Title.” Website Name, Day Month Year, URL. or URL. Accessed Day Month Year.
In-text citation(“Constitution of the United States,” Art. I, Sec. 4)

How do you cite the Constitution in text?

Instead of page numbers, utilize article/amendment and section numbers in the in-text citation. In MLA, how do you quote the Constitution?

Format“Page Title.” Website Name, Day Month Year, URL. or URL. Accessed Day Month Year.
In-text citation(“Constitution of the United States,” Art. I, Sec. 4)

How do you cite an amendment in an essay?

You simply need to submit the article number or the amendment number, as applicable. The parenthetical citation is written as (US Const. Amend. XII, sec. 2). '">

Citations are used by academics to identify sources of information. There are several different types of citations, depending on how much information you want to include about the source. For example, a full citation includes the author's name, the title of the work being cited, and its publication date. A shortened citation is enough information for researchers to find the reference again.

Amendments are changes that have been made to the Constitution over time. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land; it can be changed only through the process of amending it. The first ten amendments, collectively called the Bill of Rights, were proposed by Congress and ratified by the states in order to protect individual rights granted by God and our founding fathers. The 12th Amendment, which addresses congressional pay, was never ratified by the required number of states. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery, but did not immediately abolish other forms of servitude; until recently, some countries had laws preventing immigrants from becoming slaves. The 14th Amendment extended many of these protections to all people within the country's borders.

It is important to note that amendments can be amended.

What is the correct way to cite the Constitution?

All citations to the United States Constitution begin with U.S. Const. , followed by the applicable article, amendment, section, and/or clause numbers. The abbreviations for article, amendment, section, and clause are always art. , amend. , SS, and cl., respectively. The abbreviation for preamble is pmbl (as in my opening quotation). Preambles are quoted at length in some cases; thus they require more space than other parts of the constitution. A citation that includes the name of the person who wrote it is called a "full-name" citation.

The first paragraph of the Constitution serves as an introduction or preamble. It sets forth general principles that guide lawmaking by state governments as well as the federal government. As such, it is not considered part of the actual constitution but rather a document used to introduce readers to the constitution's main ideas. Other examples include statements of purpose found in legislative enactments and executive orders. These do not become part of the constitution but are included for reference purposes only. They may also invoke higher powers than simply those of the human mind or heart.

How do you cite Congress in APA?

Using a Federal Law Include the bill title (if applicable), the shortened name of the house (H.R. or S.), the bill number, the Congress number, and the year of publication. Include the URL at the end of the reference list entry if it is accessible. For information on how to use URLs, see below.

Sources include books, journal articles, the Congressional Record, legislative documents (such as hearings and bills) from, and other sources listed in APA guidelines. When writing about current events that may be updated frequently, use online news sources for the most up-to-date information available. If using material from another source, such as a newspaper article, please make sure that it is not being used without its copyright permission.

In general, only the following are required within the body of the paper: name, address, phone number, email address, department, institution, date. Leave out titles unless they are necessary for understanding the context of the work. Use full names for authors; abbreviations are acceptable but inconsistent within the literature so check with your instructor for guidance on how to format them.

Use this format for page numbers: 7, 8, 9.

Use this format for references: Author, Year, Journal Title, Volume Number - Page Number.

How do you cite statutes in the APA 7th edition?

The following are the elements of a statute reference list entry, in order:

  1. Name of the act.
  2. Title, source (check the Bluebook for abbreviations), and section number of the statute;
  3. The publication date of the compilation you used to find the statute, in parentheses.
  4. URL (optional)

How do I cite the National Constitution Center?

National Constitution Center, National Constitution Center of the United States MLA citation style: 2002, United States. The Internet Archive.

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