How do you do a line break?

How do you do a line break?

Use a keyboard shortcut to add a new line to provide spacing between lines or paragraphs of text in a cell. Click on the spot where you wish the line to be broken. To enter a line break, use ALT+ENTER. On a PC, this is usually CTRL+ENTER.

How do you make a line break in an Excel cell?

Double-click the cell where you wish the line break to be inserted (or press the F2 key to get into the edit mode). Place the cursor where you wish the line break to appear. For Windows, hold down the ALT key and press the Enter key (for Mac, hold the Control and Option keys and hit the Enter key). You may also be interested in: 200+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts.

How do you add line breaks on Tumblr?

Simply hold down the shift key and hit enter to create a new line with no excess space. To insert a paragraph break (I'm not sure if that's a term), use the enter key.

How do I make lines closer together in Word?

If you're using Word 2007 or 2010, there's a button under the "Paragraph" section on the main tab. It appears to be two arrows pointing up and down, with some lines to the right. When you click on it, you can modify the spacing between lines as well as the amount of gap between paragraphs.

How do you do a line break on a Mac?

Excel Cell-Keyboard Shortcut to Begin a New Line You may use the following keyboard shortcut to begin a new line in an Excel cell: ALT + Enter on Windows. Control + option + enter on a Mac.

How can you insert paragraph breaks?

Hold down Shift and then press Enter. When you hit Enter while holding Shift, a line break tag is placed, and the text written following the line break appears on the next line below.

How can you add a manual line break to a paragraph?

Add a manual line break.

  1. Click where you want to break a line.
  2. Press SHIFT + RETURN . Word inserts a manual line break ( ). Tip: To view manual line breaks, on the Standard toolbar, click .

How do you insert a horizontal line in a resume?

4-Make use of the Horizontal Line Border.

  1. Place the cursor in the spot where you want to add a line.
  2. Click on Home (located in the upper left-hand corner).
  3. Look in the Paragraph section and click the down arrow next to the Borders button.
  4. Click on Horizontal Line.

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