How do you reference a report in APA?

How do you reference a report in APA?

Report author(s): a person or a government department; use this for multiple authors. (Year of First Publication) Italicized report title (Report Number: if available). Publisher is the location of publication. Date of Report is the date when the report was published online or in print.

Reference examples: A study by Smith et al. (2015) and a report from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) are references to papers. An author list, including all the authors' names, their institutions and addresses, and their degrees if any, should be included with each reference entry. References can also be identified by number. For example, reference 7 in this article refers to page 7 of paper FOO presented at conference BAR in 2015. Papers that have been written for others to use (e.g., reports, manuals, etc.) are not referred to as articles but rather as sources.

References are important for keeping track of where a source has been used in previous work and providing readers with enough information about how to find out more about a topic. They are also useful for identifying your own sources of information. For example, if I were writing an article on how tall people are around the world, I would need to refer to several different sources to obtain this information.

How do you cite a report in the APA 6th edition?

Author(s): last name, initial(s): used if there are numerous authors. (Year). Name retrieved from database: web address of report. Retrieved on: date.

How do you reference a report in APA 7?

The most fundamental structure for referencing a report.

  1. Author or authors. The surname is followed by first initials.
  2. Year.
  3. Title of report In italics.
  4. Publisher information (if the author and the publisher are the same, omit the publisher)
  5. DOI or URL.
  6. The first line of each citation is left adjusted.

How do you reference in APA format, 7th edition?


  1. Author(s). Note: List each author’s last name and initials as Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C.
  2. (Year).
  3. Title of the book. Note: For works that stand alone (e.g. books, reports), italicize the title.
  4. (Edition).
  5. Publisher.

How do you reference a report in APA format?

Include the author's name and initials, the report title (italicized), the report number, the organization that published it, and the URL when referencing a report with an individual author (if accessed online, e.g. as a PDF). It is worth noting that brochures are mentioned in a similar manner. For example, "The results of research conducted by Smith et al." would be appropriate for a brochure on social issues affecting children.

If the report was published in book form, include the author's name, the report title (italicized), the city or town where it was published, and the publisher's address including country. For example, "The results of research conducted by Smith et al. published by Wiley & Sons Ltd., London, England" would be appropriate.

Journal articles are referenced in much the same way, but include the article's year of publication, the journal title (with volume number if necessary), and the location within the journal at which the article appears. For example, "An article by Jones et al. was published in Journal of Studies on Population, volume 2, number 1 (January 2009)."

Books other than reports or journals are referenced in the same way, but with the addition of the author's name, the book title (including the subtitle if applicable), the location within the book where the article can be found, and the date of publication.

How do you cite an online white paper in APA?

Author's surname, Author's first name "Page or document title." the URL of the webpage the date of the internet publication institution or group that is sponsoring (if relevant).

How do you cite a CSR in APA?

Obtain Information

  1. Author. The author of the report is likely to be the company itself.
  2. Date. The date of publication is likely to be the year or year after the date of the annual report or report filing (a 2012 annual report might have been published in 2013, for instance).
  3. Title.
  4. Access information.

How to cite a government report in APA format?

The author(s) of the government report are: Give up to seven authors' last names and initials (e. g., Watson, J. D.), with the final name preceded by an ampersand (&). Include the first six names, followed by an ellipsis (...), then the last author's name if there are eight or more writers. For example, Watson, J. D. ; Smith, T. F. ; and Jones, M. K.

In addition to giving full names, include the year of publication for reports published by governments or governmental agencies. For example, "We wish to thank C. Jones for his help in preparing this report." Or, "The findings and conclusions in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency."

If you use the acronym FERC in your citation, give the complete name in parentheses after the acronym: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

If you use the abbreviation NSF, give the complete name in parentheses after the abbreviation: National Science Foundation (NSF).

If you use the term EPA, give the agency name in parentheses after the term: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Write the word "report" before the date cited in the text. For example, write "report today". If the date is included in the text, put it in quotation marks ("today"").

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