How do you respond to a "good afternoon" text?

How do you respond to a "good afternoon" text?

"Thank you as well!" you can say. It is completely appropriate. If it is late, say after 5 p.m.: thank you, and have a nice evening. On a Friday, you may say, "Thank you—have a nice weekend!"

How do you respond to having a great day?

It is polite to respond, "Thanks, you too!" at the end of a discussion if the individual says, "Have a wonderful day!" This communicates that you wish them a pleasant day as well.

Otherwise, simply say, "You too!" and change the subject.

This is simple and easy to do and doesn't require any details about what happened earlier in the day. It's also very common in countries where English is not the first language, so it won't come off as rude.

How do you respond to a "great day" text?

As previously stated, the standard response to "Have a pleasant [or good] day!" or "Have a wonderful [or good] weekend!" is "You, too!"

However, some people may want to know what you think of their statement. If this is the case, then you can reply with something like "Thanks! I hope you have a great day, too!"

Or you can simply say "GdN" (which means "Great day!" in text language). This will get the point across that you are well-aware that they are having a nice day and you wish them good luck with their endeavors.

Finally, you can end the conversation with an emoji. "GdN" stands for "Great day!," so choosing an appropriate emoji is important here. A smiling face is recommended because it's positive and happy!

What is the reply to good evening?

You will be understood, no issue, however nowadays the phrase is "Good evening to you." This type of statement is generally used in response to someone who has previously responded, "Good evening." "Good evening," most people say. However, some non-English speakers may only say, "Good evening," and leave it at that.

The important thing is that you say something back. If you do not, the person might think that you did not hear or understand them. Even if you do not know the person very well, it is polite to respond to their greeting.

There are several ways that you can say hello back. You can simply say, "Hello," or you can say, "Good evening/morning." Which one you use depends on what time it is and who you are talking with. If it is late at night, you would not want to say, "Good evening," because this would only be appropriate during daytime hours.

People usually say "good morning" when they are awake and have not said anything yet, like in a phone call or email, so that you can reply later if needed. Otherwise, you would need to start every message with, "Good morning," which is unnecessary as soon as you say your name.

What is the best way to reply to have a nice day?

Very, if it is from a friend or someone you know, it is great, and you should react with a warm grin with any of the usual: hey, thanks, you too, so good, thanks, thank you, etc. Otherwise, use these phrases as replies to have a nice day.

When should I kindly reply to a text message?

Please respond by July 1st"; "Please respond by October 10th"; A response is sought by September 15th, February 26th, 2015. My Taiwanese students misuse such terms because they feel they are polite, and they even use both: Please respond promptly. I will get back to you in the future.

How do you respond when someone says "good evening?"?

Hello there, sldxhy. If you mean "what should you say in response?" you may simply respond "Thanks," "Thanks a lot," "Thank you," or "Thank you, I'll try!"

If the person who said good evening is a stranger, then you should also say "Good evening." Otherwise, the conversation will not start. You can also add an expression of gratitude after the greeting. Examples include "Glad to meet you," "Nice to meet you," "What's good about today?"

Good evening!

How do you respond to sounding good?

"That sounds wonderful, thank you!" would be appropriate in an email to almost everyone in the United States. In other countries, local etiquette may dictate a more formal response.

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