How do you type Dinkus?

How do you type Dinkus?

A dinkus is a string of three asterisks that is widely employed in fiction and nonfiction to break up bigger portions into smaller yet pieces. It is most often used in headlines and subheads.

The dinkus was invented by H. L. Mencken, the American journalist and satirist. He used it frequently in his columns to divide big paragraphs or sentences.

Mencken introduced this abbreviation into popular language while writing for The Baltimore Sun. It became so popular that even today it is commonly found in newspaper articles and blog posts.

Dinkus is also used as a verb meaning "to divide into parts".

Example: "The reporter dinked the story into several small paragraphs."

This article is divided into four dinks.

Dinkum is another word for "real" or "genuine".

Example: "That's not a dinkum dollar; it's a Lincoln cent."

Dinky is a diminutive form of the word "diamond".

Example: "The diamond dinky served as a tiepin."

How do you write Dinkus?

In typography, an asterism (***) is a form of dinkus that consists of three asterisks positioned in a triangle. The term originates from the typographic practice of indenting the first line of text in a paragraph.

Dinkus is based on triple asterisks: ***. That's how you write dinkus!

What is a Dinky Doo?

Dinky doo is rhyming slang for twenty-two in London Cockney. It originated as a nickname for the pinball machine called a Dinkey Dee, which was released in 1962 by Bally Manufacturing Company. The term came from the sound that the machine made when it was played.

Other theories exist about how this name became associated with 20-22s. Some say it started in the 1960s when there were large numbers of Americans living in London and that they often took advantage of the free entertainment at night by playing pinball machines in pubs. They would be likely to call them dinkies because 22 is a common number among American friends.

Others believe it began much earlier than that and says that the sound that the pinball makes when it's being played is what led to its becoming a popular term for 20-22s. This theory is supported by the fact that the Dinkey Dee was first released in 1962 which means that it was already popular when 20-22s started calling themselfes dinkies.

Yet another theory says that it originated as a reference to the fact that when you hit a pinball machine for the first time it makes a very small noise known as a "dink".

How do you spell Dinky?

D'INGki, d 'I NG k i (IPA phonetic alphabet)... Similar spellings to DINKY

  1. Dink,
  2. Dimness,
  3. Dimick,
  4. Dunk,
  5. Dimock,
  6. Dinka,
  7. Donkey,
  8. Dionysia,

How do you write Hon in kanji?


  1. Go-on: ほん (hon, Jōyō )
  2. Kan-on: ほん (hon, Jōyō )
  3. Kun: もと (moto, 本, Jōyō )
  4. Nanori: なり (nari); はじめ (hajime); もと (moto)

How do I write a letter in Khmer?

The Khmer alphabet is written from left to right. Words inside a sentence or phrase are usually run together with no spaces between them. Within a word, consonant clusters are "stacked," with the second (and possibly third) consonant written in reduced form beneath the primary consonant. For example, krahok means "crab" and kek chak means "hermit crab."

There are 29 letters in the Khmer language.

A complete list of words in the dictionary includes their definitions. Learning these words will help you understand what people are saying when they talk about things that are common or important to life in Cambodia. Knowing how to say something in Khmer also helps people understand what you are trying to tell them. Within most conversations, people will mention certain subjects or topics of interest. If you don't know the word for it, you won't be able to discuss it with your friend or family member.

As well as being useful for communicating with others, learning some basic words in Khmer is helpful when looking up information on the internet. Some websites require you to register before you can view their content. Having an email address is one way websites use to identify users and give them access to restricted areas of the site. Having an understanding of how to write emails in Khmer will help you communicate with webmasters when they reply to your messages.

How do you write Kenzo in kanji?

Kenzo may be written in a variety of kanji characters and can signify one of three things: Xian San, "smart, three," Jian San, "healthy, three," or Qian San, "humble, three." The character used to write out Kenzo is called a "trigraph" because it has three parts to it. There is a radical that means "to eat" followed by a phonetic syllable that changes depending on which part you use.

The first part of the trigraph indicates what kind of food is being talked about. The second part indicates how much of that food is being talked about. And the third part indicates that something else is also being talked about under another topic. In this case, the other topic is fashion. So writing Kenzo with three kanji means eating smartly, healthfully, and modestly.

There are four types of radicals that can appear in a Japanese dictionary: food, person/animal, color, and object. Objects such as buildings, tools, and vehicles also have their own unique radicals that show how they are used. For example, the radical for "bell" can be used to make words like "gong" and "tokyo" while the radical for "scissors" can be used to make words like "cut" and "guilty."

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