How do you use aeration in a sentence?

How do you use aeration in a sentence?

Aerate phrase example They improve the soil's nutritional content, make it healthier, provide organic matter, aerate the soil, and make it easier for roots to develop. The compost components are aerated by rotating the drum. If you have a half-inch or more of thatch on your lawn, now is the time to aerate it. The thicker the layer of thatch, the harder it will be to cultivate and the less likely you are to see any results from your efforts.

Aeration is the process of creating holes in the soil so plants can get air and nutrients needed for healthy growth. This is done with a spade called an aerator. There are two types of aerators: open-top and closed-bottom. Open-top aerators leave a thin layer of dirt on top of the soil to allow water to drain through. Closed-bottom aerators create a deep trench in which to deposit their material, leaving no surface residue. Trenches should be at least 30 inches wide to ensure adequate coverage of the rooting area.

Aerating your yard keeps the soil porous and allows gases such as oxygen and nitrogen to reach plant roots, helping them obtain the nutrients they need for healthy growth. This is important for lawns that don't receive regular fertilization because nutrients are lost into the ground if left intact. Lawns that aren't aerated may look fine on the surface but could have problems beneath the surface where nutrients are needed the most.

What is the sentence of elocution?

Examples of Elocution Sentences I need more practice to enhance my articulation. Prince Vasili, renowned for his oratory skills, was to read it. He submitted to minute drills in elocution and became a fluent extemporaneous speaker with a patience strange to his impetuous character.

Elocution is the art of delivering speeches or reading poems in such a way that the listeners/readers are given an opportunity to understand the message being conveyed. It can be defined as the art of effective communication through speech.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, elocution is "the art or skill of a good elocutor; the act of one who elocutes"; "a lecture delivered with effectual skill"; "a poem read with feeling and expression".

The term was first used by Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, in his book Of Eloquence (1646). He described himself as "Your Lordship's humble servant, who with all his might would strain a voice to utter eloquent sounds."

Eloquence is derived from the Greek word elektron, which means "to speak well" or "to speak wisely". In modern English, the word has come to mean "the ability to communicate knowledgeably and persuasively through spoken words", "the skill of an effective public speaker", and "the quality of being eloquent".

What is a sentence for abated?

Sentence example using abbreviation She waited a few minutes until the agony subsided. The rifle fire died down, and the earth rocked with the pounding of hooves. Her hunger lessened, and she rested her head on the pillow, content. As she drifted off to sleep, she heard voices in the next room.

Abate means to lessen in strength or amount; reduce in force or number. The firing stopped abating, so did the people shooting at her. She needed to escape before they all disappeared under a pile of rock.

That's abated, your honor. The prosecutor said that it was not enough to convict him, but my client had no other choice. He's been locked up now for two years without any charge being filed against him. Can he be blamed for trying to escape?

Sentencing has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. The only thing that matters in sentencing is the need to hold someone responsible for their actions. In this case, the judge decided that jailing Mr. Smith would not suffice and instead ordered that the fire be put out with a bucket of water.

Fire fighters used five-gallon buckets because they were easy to find and there was always some water available. The judge was saying that if Mr. Smith wanted to be released from prison, he could pay someone to shoot him.

How do you use abatement in a sentence?

Exemplification of an abatement phrase

  1. His obesity did not cause any abatement of activity when next he took the field.
  2. The notice must require the abatement of the nuisance within a specified time, and must prescribe the works which in the opinion of the council are necessary to be done.

How do you use the word "exterminator" in a sentence?

Examples of Extermination Sentences

  1. The most effective step would obviously be the extermination of the Anopheles mosquito.
  2. In the century leading up to its extermination , smallpox killed about 500,000,000 people.

How do you use the word "evaporation" in a sentence?

Example of an Evaporation Sentence Water evaporation occurred from the leaf. The yearly evaporation from water surfaces ranges between 60 and 150 inches. To avoid evaporation, the test tube is firmly corked and left to stand for many hours.

Evaporation is the process by which water vapor leaves liquid water. As water evaporates, it becomes a gas. Evaporation can occur from any surface on which liquid water exists, including soil, rocks, plants, and people. It is important in humid climates like those found in most parts of the world because it removes water that would otherwise cause problems for plants and animals. Evaporation also plays a role in creating clouds. When clouds form through evaporation, they contain more ice than air, which means they are cold enough to fall as snow or hail rather than being hot enough to remain aloft as bubbles or droplets.

In science classes, experiments are often performed to study evaporation. For example, students may be asked to measure the amount of water lost by pouring different liquids such as milk, juice, or alcohol into containers with holes in their lids. The volume of these liquids decreases as water is lost through evaporation. This is because energy is needed to break up the molecules of the liquid so that they can become gases.

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