How do you use flaws?

How do you use flaws?

An imperfect sentence However, there are additional faults in his technique. Makeup isn't simply about hiding faults. And devoid of fractures and faults have been achieved on a regular basis. The artist has used these to create an illusion of beauty.

What’s the opposite of flaws?

What is the inverse of a flaw?


What do you mean by defects?

A fault or imperfection that degrades quality, function, or utility: deficiency, flaw We thoroughly check a tire for flaws. The porcelain was tested for flaws. He has a moral problem in his personality, as well as neural tube anomalies and metabolic flaws.

That's not all - it also means something that reduces the value of something else. A defect is anything that reduces the value of your car, including but not limited to: scratches, dents, and paint cracks. Flaws can be found in almost any part of your car, including the engine, transmission, and interior. They can also come from outside sources such as a hit-and-run driver or weather damage. Flaws reduce the value of your car.

Flaws are problems that need to be fixed. Defects are flaws that degrade the quality of your car. For example, if there's a large crack in your windshield, it's a defect. If that same crack causes you to worry about safety when driving during bad weather, it's a defect that lowers the value of your car.

The term "defective" is used to describe items that aren't up to standard quality or performance. For example, a car with defective brakes is one that doesn't hold its line while stopping properly. There are several reasons why cars may have defective parts, including manufacturing errors or damage due to abuse.

How do you describe a defect?

(First of two entries.) 1: a defect or imperfection that degrades quality, function, or utility: deficiency, flaw We thoroughly check a tire for flaws. A moral flaw in his personality; neural tube faults; metabolic flaws that cause genetic diseases: any number of physical defects.

2: an undesirable feature or attribute: fault That's not a fault to her, it's a beauty mark. She has the face of an angel, but the body of a model - some would say she has the "fault" of being too beautiful.

3: a person who has a defect is called a defective person Defectiveness is one of the three main disorders on the autism spectrum. People with autism have difficulty relating to others, have problems with social interactions, and often have trouble communicating their feelings.

4: a thing that has a defect is called a defective item A refrigerator that doesn't work is obviously defective. A car with a bad brake system is also defective because it can cause injury or death if it breaks down on the road.

5: a person with a defect is called a defective person/animal There are many different types of defects, but they all fall under two general categories: physical and mental. Physical defects include anything from blindness to hemophilia. Mental defects include anything from autism to schizophrenia.

Why do we hide our flaws?

We believe that concealing our shortcomings and vulnerabilities will make us appear more confident. We believe that if we hide them, no one will notice them. We have no idea that the more we try to conceal things, the more visible they become to others.

The truth is that we all have flaws and failures. It's what makes us human. If you want people to trust you, it's important that you don't conceal your weaknesses. Let them see you struggle with too many tasks at once or make a mistake now and then. Most of all, let them see that you are not perfect.

Hiding your flaws makes you seem weak. Weak people get taken advantage of. Strong people don't need to be strong all the time. They can show their feelings and have failures just like everyone else. By being honest about who you are, you gain respect.

What is the meaning of flaws?

A fault in the physical structure or shape of a diamond. B: a fault or flaws, particularly one that detracts from the total or hampers effectiveness.

Faults include, but are not limited to, internal defects such as inclusions and fractures, and external defects such as sprags and cracks. These terms are used interchangeably with "flaws" in this book.

The word "defect" is used here to describe a quality that reduces the value of a gemstone or prevents it from being used for its intended purpose. Defective stones include bubbles in pearls, areas of discoloration or cloudiness in diamonds, and also include stones with structural faults such as cracks or inclusions. Faults do not reduce the value of a stone but rather identify those gems that are less than perfect.

Internal defects are visible under natural light while external defects require lab analysis to detect. Although most faults are evident to the naked eye, some significant internal defects may not be; therefore, all gemstones should be examined by a professional before they are sold.

The word "flaw" is used here to describe any defect in a gemstone. This includes both major and minor defects.

How do you use "defect" in a sentence?

Defects in sentence examples She was born with a cardiac condition. His two worst character flaws were vanity and pride. Verb In 1979, a Russian academic defected. She abandoned the conservative party. He betrayed his friends.

What do you say about imperfections?

Quotes About Imperfection

  • Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
  • There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.
  • There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection.
  • Perfection itself is imperfection.
  • I think every single imperfection adds to your beauty.

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