How do you use pulchritude in a sentence?

How do you use pulchritude in a sentence?

Physical attractiveness (especially of a woman). (1) Her attire emphasizes her pulchritude. (2) Her youth and pulchritude may put her in danger. (3) The woman did not adore pulchritude; to possess a low "spiteful hand" like this, comparable prowess is required. (4) He was enthralled by her beauty and pulchritude.

How do you use chutzpah in a sentence?

In a sentence, chutzpah

  1. Full of chutzpah, the arrogant man wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion to anyone.
  2. The woman’s chutzpah ran off many men who saw her outgoing confidence as a turn-off.
  3. Though most of the stars are into fashion, not everyone has the chutzpah to wear a see-through gown on the runway.

What is the sentence of slovenly?

The sailors appeared to me to be disgusting and slovenly fellows, and the ship appeared to be awkward, ugly, ancient, and filthy. In person, she is attractive, clothed in a slovenly picturesque manner, her curly hair flowing in all directions. Her decks are dirty from lack of use, her ropes are untied, and her sails lie flat against the mast.

Slovenly means "careless about one's appearance or behavior" and comes from the Slovene word for "sloth". It has been used to describe people who are lazy or neglectful with their personal hygiene since at least 1525. The adjective form of the word is also used frequently in reference to clothing and attire. Slovenly dressed individuals can be seen in old photographs of American cities; miners and factory workers were usually not dressed particularly well because there were no regulations on workplace attire at that time.

In modern English, the word is used to describe someone or something that is messy or unkempt. The opposite of sloppy is tidy. Slovenly can be used as an adjective or a noun. As an adjective, it describes a person or thing that is not clean or neat.

As a noun, it refers to someone or something that is slovenly dressed.

Slovenly habits are ones that need not be described here.

How do you use enticement in a sentence?

He took her hand in his to kiss her, but she bent forward with an enticing gaze. He fought back against the allure of this oddity. Her eyes were filled with half-serious rebuke, laughter, and enticement. Her wide eyes got larger and wilder at times, then narrowed in enticement and wickedness. He found himself fighting a losing battle against her charms.

Enticement is a form of temptation used by priests and teachers in the Bible. It involves using something desirable (such as food or drink) to lure someone into doing something wrong.

In the Old Testament, Moses was given instructions on how to deal with rebels who came up against Israel during their journey through the desert. The leaders of the people should take a young woman as a wife, and for each young woman, they are told to offer three sheep as a tribute. Then the leaders are instructed to have the young woman sit opposite the man who sent her away and look at what he has to eat--loaf of bread and vegetables. If he looks at meat instead, then he has shown that he is a good person and not deserving of rebellion. But if he sends it away, then she is allowed to send him off with a message telling him where more food can be found.

The leaders are also told to take some honey and water and put it on some stones when sending them away.

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