How does comparing the two voices help her do that?

How does comparing the two voices help her do that?

How does contrasting the two voices assist the poet in communicating this theme? The poem contrasts the experiences of Nya and Salva and employs facts to reinforce the meaning. The contrast is instructive. The poem uses information to compare Nya and Salva's experiences. She sees herself as a failure because she has been unable to attract men, while Salva has succeeded in doing so. This comparison helps the poet communicate the message that even though Nya has been through much suffering, she should not feel bad about herself.

In addition to using facts to make comparisons between the two characters, the poem also uses imagery to convey messages about life and love. For example, when describing how she feels about Salva, the poet uses images such as "burning," "scorching," and "roasting" to make her feelings clear. Also, when discussing certain events that have happened during her lifetime, the poet uses words like "grapes," "raisins," and "chestnuts" to show that life is full of joy and sadness. By combining facts, images, and language skills, the poet was able to create a beautiful piece of work that communicates important messages to her audience.

As you can see, poetry is a very effective way for artists to express themselves.

What is compared and contrasted?

To identify what is similar and distinct (two or more things). We must compare and contrast the two poets for our homework.

To bring out clearly and explicitly; make evident or apparent: to compare colors with their names. To compare prices, look at several stores in a small town until you find one that has merchandise at lower prices than its neighbors. (the American Dictionary)

So, to compare and contrast two things is to show their similarities and differences. For example, we could write: "The poems of Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost are very different, but they have much in common because they both use language carefully and avoid unnecessary words." Or, "Dickinson and Frost were both poetic philosophers who used poetry as an instrument for expressing ideas." These sentences show that they are comparing two things: poems. They explain that the difference between the poems is that one is written by Emily Dickinson and the other by Robert Frost. Also, they point out that both poets used language carefully and avoided words that weren't necessary.

There are many ways to compare and contrast things. You can do it visually, by drawing boxes and arrows to show how one thing is like another, or you can do it verbally, by explaining that one thing is like another.

How do you compare two poems?

Instructions for Writing Comparison Poems

  1. Write a poem using a combination of similes, metaphors, and personification.
  2. Be sure to use descriptive imagery, including bold, colorful words.
  3. Your poem does not have to rhyme.
  4. Do not write your poem in paragraph form.
  5. Begin each line with a capital letter.

Are comparisons rhetorical devices?

A comparison is a rhetorical or literary device in which two persons, places, objects, or ideas are compared or contrasted. Writers and poets use comparison to connect their emotions about something to something that readers may comprehend. Comparison can be used to emphasize the similarities between things that are different as well as their differences.

Comparisons can also reveal more about the writer or poet than about the things being compared. For example, when Samuel Johnson described patriotism as "the last refuge of a scoundrel," he was using a comparison to explain why patriotism was so important to the nation. Without getting into too much detail, it can be said that England had been through many wars over the years and needed some way to keep itself together. Patriotism provided this need by keeping everyone united against their enemy.

Another example would be Thomas Gray's poem "The Bard." In this poem, Gray compares the beauty of nature to the beauty of poetry. He does this by saying that both the bard and the natural world are beautiful but they are not like each other. The natural world is strong and powerful while the bard's words are weak and powerless. By comparing the two things, Gray is able to express how important poetry is to society and how necessary it is for people to listen to the bards' words.

Finally, comparisons can be used as a tool for education.

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