How does paragraph 7 contribute to the ideas in the text?

How does paragraph 7 contribute to the ideas in the text?

Paragraph 7 helps to the development of the text's concepts by citing another movement inspired by civil rights sit-ins. It was risky, same like sit-ins, but they wanted to assist. 7 explains how they used a variety of protests to overcome segregation. This shows that even though segregation may have been legal, it wasn't right and people should be able to do whatever they can to help improve their community.

How does paragraph 14 contribute to the development of ideas in the text? Losing is good for you?

The author's personal experience with the genocide is depicted in paragraph 14. He hoped that people would see the significance of genocide and make it criminal, even if they had not directly experienced it as he had. This idea is developed in the text through examples from history and today's world. Killing weeds is useful because it prevents them from taking over your garden or yard. This example shows that losing some things can be good for you.

How does paragraph 8 contribute to the development of ideas in the text Jackie Robinson?

What role does paragraph 8 have in the development of ideas in the text? This paragraph underlines that Robinson was aware that the journey would be arduous, but was ready to endure it in order to break down the color barrier. This passage demonstrates that he was supposed to endure unpleasant treatment without retaliating. This made him a perfect candidate for becoming the first black player in the MLB.

Paragraph 8 also contributes to the development of ideas through the use of synonyms. The word "arbitrary" can be used to describe something that is done or decided on for no particular reason. It can also be used to describe someone or something that is picked or chosen without any regard to merit. In this case, the editor of the document wanted to emphasize that Robinson's admission date was completely arbitrary, meaning that there was no set day or time that he had to admit himself into the league.

Finally, paragraph 8 contributes to the development of ideas in the text by providing a link between two different parts of the essay. The idea of breaking down racial barriers through sports was only mentioned in the introduction and now we know that it continues in the text. This link shows that the author believes that playing baseball will make other players accept Robinson because it is a game that requires skill to play successfully. Thus, Robinson's career as a ballplayer was expected to bring about positive changes within the society.

How does paragraph 14 contribute to the text?

What contribution does paragraph 14 make to the text? It recounts how the man became entangled in the subway rails. It depicts the author's heroic actions in rescuing the man on the rails. It underscores his idea that heroic acts are not driven by pride. They are performed out of kindness and compassion for others.

Paragraph 14 gives a detailed description of what happened to the man after he was pulled off the tracks. It tells how he suffered severe injuries that threatened his life. The author uses this information to explain why he felt compelled to rescue him. He wants readers to understand that even though someone may seem like an unlikely hero, they can still be one if necessary.

Finally, the last sentence of paragraph 14 explains that heroes are not chosen because they are famous or rich. They are usually ignored by society until they perform some act that saves someone's life. At that moment, they become heroes.

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