How does the mariner know who needs to hear his story?

How does the mariner know who needs to hear his story?

The mariner narrates his tale to a random younger man on his way to a family wedding. This visitor is really outside and on his way to the wedding, and he is unfamiliar to the mariner, who stops him to tell him the story. This listener is referred to in the poem as "The Wedding-Guest" by the speaker. The mariner knows that this person will believe his story and take action based on what he learns.

Here's how the mariner knows who will listen to his story:

He tells himself out loud while walking to keep his mind off his troubles - this is called "mentally rehearsing your story". The more you think about it, the better you can remember details that may not have otherwise been clear.

Then, there are some people who like to hear stories - this makes them "story lovers". The mariner knows that this stranger will love his story because it is full of adventure and magic. He also knows that this person will take action based on what he learns.

Finally, there are some people who hate stories - these make them "story haters". The mariner knows that this traveler will want to stop him from talking forever - but since he can't do that, he avoids him as much as possible.

In conclusion, the mariner knows that whoever listens to his story will believe it and take action based on what he learns.

Why should it matter to the mariner that his prisoner was headed to a wedding?

The wedding guest desires to attend the wedding, in which he is anticipated to play a significant part. The mariner urges him to remain and hear his lengthy narrative. This would help the guest understand more about the mariner's situation and perhaps even enable him to escape.

They reach land where the mariner releases him. He promises to tell anyone who asks that his prisoner was going to the wedding. This will probably save him from being executed by the king.

This story occurs in Europe before Christianity becomes popular. Marriages were religious events held in churches. They consisted of two parts: the wedding and the reception. The wedding ceremony included blessings, speeches, music, and a meal served after the wedding ring was placed on the bride's finger. During this time, the couple declared their consent to each other. After the meal, guests and family members went their separate ways. The reception was a party held later in the day or evening with dancing, singing, and entertainment. Everyone was welcome at the reception. It was an opportunity for friends and family to get to know each other better.

In this story, the mariner wants the guest to stay and listen to his tale. So he tells him that he is also a guest at the wedding and must leave immediately because there are no rooms left at the inn.

What does the mariner tell the guest he is out to love?

The Mariner tells the wedding guests that he who loves all God's creatures lives a happier, better life, and then departs. The wedding guest leaves the celebration shocked, and the next morning he wakes up "a sadder and wiser man."

This story teaches us that we need to go beyond just loving our friends and family, and show them that we love them by helping them when they are in need and showing compassion toward everyone, no matter how great or small they may be. By doing this, we will make ourselves feel better because we will know that we are using all of our abilities to help others.

Also, this story teaches us that it is important to live each day as if it was your last, because one day you will lose someone very close to you. So we should try to make each day count for them even though they may not be with us anymore.

Last but not least, this story teaches us that it is good to have faith in people. Even though the wedding guest doesn't think that the mariner will come back, he still believes in him and thinks that there must be more to life than what he sees around him. He has faith in the mariner to come back for him even though he hasn't seen or heard from him for many years.

Where is the ship taking the Mariner?

The wedding guest really wants to go, but he can't seem to get away from this crusty old mariner. The narrative of the Mariner starts. They left port and sailed down near Antarctica to avoid a terrible storm, but they were stranded in a treacherous, misty ice field. The captain was able to make an emergency landing on an iceberg so they could repair their ship and continue on their journey.

While they were waiting for the wind to die down, the mariner met up with some other sailors who had also been blown off course during the storm. They spent several days together on the iceberg until they ran out of food and water. Then one night the captain gave orders to sail back toward land in search of help. But before they could leave, someone else came looking for shelter on the iceberg. This time it was a beautiful young woman who said she was about to get married but her husband was still back in town. She begged the captain not to leave without him because she didn't want to be alone forever. The captain told her he was sorry but there was nothing he could do. Then he set sail again in search of more survivors.

After awhile, people started coming to the edge of the iceberg to take advantage of its protection from the elements. There were hunters who saved all their game for eating once they reached land. A few families even decided to stay on the iceberg as new neighbors.

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