How does the poet describe the heaven of freedom?

How does the poet describe the heaven of freedom?

The phrase "Heaven of Freedom" alludes to a condition that the poet, Rabindranath Tagore, aspires to achieve in the poem. He dreams for a heaven of freedom, where the intellect would be courageous and all people will feel united. He wants his country to be free to live in the future he envisions. The last line of the poem is: "O Mother, let us try to build a heaven of freedom."

He describes this heaven as a place where every person feels free to think and act according to their conscience. Here there will be no violence or oppression because all beings will be equal before God. Man will be peaceful with man because there will be no divisions between nations or races. This heaven will be a place where everyone can express themselves creatively without any restrictions.

This vision is very similar to what Jesus talked about when he described the kingdom of God. He said that in it there will be no more wars or violence because all beings will be treated equally by God. There will be no religion-based discrimination because everyone will be judged solely on their actions and not based on the color of their skin or their nationality. This world will become a paradise where humans can express themselves freely without any restrictions.

So the poet and the Christos both want to create a world where everyone can freely express themselves without any limits. However, they approach this goal differently.

What type of freedom helps us to make our country heaven?

According to the poet, in order to make our nation a paradise of liberty, the people must be bold, intelligent, truthful, sensible, hardworking, and broad-minded. They should have good human values in order to prevent causing harm to themselves or others. Freedom must not only be given, it must be taken too. If we want to keep our country as heaven, then we need to work hard to maintain its quality.

Freedom helps us to think for ourselves and to act according to what we believe is right. It allows us to speak up when we disagree with policies or practices that don't feel right, and it ensures that we are treated equally no matter who we are or what we believe. This type of freedom contributes to making our country a paradise where everyone can live life to the fullest under one rule of law.

In conclusion, freedom is about having the ability to decide for yourself what kind of life you want to lead; how you want to live it; and above all, being able to follow your heart's desires without fearing punishment. This type of freedom helps us to make our country a paradise where everyone can live life to the fullest.

What kind of heaven does the poet pray for his nation?

The poet asks God for a "heaven of freedom" for his nation, a place where people are bold, informed, truthful, dignified, hardworking, rational, and broadminded. The poet prays to God for political independence from the British. He also wants his country to be free from religious oppression. Last but not least, he desires that his country will have good relations with all other countries.

This is a prayer for liberty, peace, and wisdom. It is a prayer for humanity as a whole.

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