How does the poet feel about his grandmother explained?

How does the poet feel about his grandmother explained?

Ray Young's "Grandmother" captures the mood of a poet whose head is filled with memories of his grandmother. His grandma used to adore him so much that her memory is imprinted in nearly all of his sense organs. He is nostalgic for his grandma as a result of those enduring recollections.

The poem begins with a first-person account by the grandson regarding his grandmother: "My grandma's face/ Is always before me / She would kiss my forehead/ And say I love you too." The granddaughter has a similar effect on the grandson. When he thinks of his grandma, he feels sad because they are both gone now. But even though she was only human like the rest of us, he still loves and misses her dearly.

Poets often use autobiographical material to create their poems. By doing this, they are able to express themselves more freely than if they were to write about someone else. Ray Young uses his grandma as a vehicle through which to convey his feelings about aging and death. As he remembers things from his childhood, he realizes how short life is and how important it is to make each moment count. This understanding comes from looking back at his own life as well as listening to what others tell him about theirs. It makes him feel sad but also grateful because he has been given the chance to love and be loved in return.

Why does the poet remember his grandmother?

His grandma served as an influence to him. She was the one who used to adore him. Because of her memories, the poet is regularly reminded of his grandmother. Thus, she plays a major role in his poems.

Poets are usually in love with their ancestors. They often write about them because they want to keep their memories alive even after they die. This is why many poets write about their family histories or personal experiences. It is also possible for them to write about other people if they feel like it can be done effectively without appearing pretentious.

There is no right or wrong way to be a poet. If you want to write about something that affects you deeply, then do it. There are many genres in which you can incorporate your feelings into your work including drama, fiction, and non-fiction.

Being a poet means being able to express yourself through words. Therefore, your choice of words should be appropriate but not too proper. Using big words that only few people know will not enhance your image as a serious writer. Also, watch out for using slang phrases because they will not appeal to readers who value classiness over vulgarity.

Finally, remember that you are writing for yourself first and others later so allow yourself to be emotional when writing.

What is the poem about Grandma?

Ray Young Bear, an American-Indian poet, depicts his grandmother as all-loving and all-inspiring in his poem The Grandmother. His grandma would walk to the market with a purple scarf wrapped around her head for warmth and a plastic shopping bag in her hand. Her figure was also pretty striking. She had large breasts and a big stomach. Ray's grandfather did not like when she wore her purple dress because it made him look bad in front of his friends. However, his grandma didn't care about that and kept on wearing it even after her husband died.

At first, everything went well for her. She had a good job at a hospital and they could afford a nice house. But then, his grandfather got sick and needed to spend more time in the hospital. This made his grandma feel sad and alone. Even though his grandfather meant the world to her, she felt like she had to keep working so they could pay the bills. Eventually, she couldn't take it anymore and decided to go to Los Angeles to find another job so they could move away. While there, she met another Indian man who promised to marry her. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to follow through with his promise due to death. After he passed away, she came back home but didn't have any money left and ended up having to work as a waitress at a restaurant.

Why did the poet come back to the grandmother's house?

Because the grandma is no longer alive, she laments her loss and wishes she could relive those pleasant times. The poet want to return to her grandmother's house because she feels emotional ties and sentiments there. This reason is given by the narrator who explains that the grandma died young and that there was much sadness in her life.

Also, the poet comes back to the house because it is the place where she spent most of her childhood with her grandparents. It was here that she learned about love, sacrifice, kindness, etc., which are all values that shine through in her poetry.

Finally, the poet returns to the house because it reminds her of happier times when she was little. Here, in this old house, she can feel free to play again like a little girl without any worries about the future or responsibility toward others.

This reason is given by the poet herself in one of her poems called "I Come Back To My Old House". In this poem, she says: "I come back to my old house/to memories that bring me joy".

She returns to the house because it reminds her of happy days when she was young. This reason is important for you to know as it affects how you interpret some of the other things she does in the story.

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