How does the poet present the power of nature in exposure?

How does the poet present the power of nature in exposure?

Both poems are about the power of nature and how it affects people. In both poems, nature is portrayed as a foe. Nature is portrayed as a deadly enemy of the soldiers in the trenches in Exposure; the men expect to die from exposure to the weather rather than German artillery. The scene where the men eat their dried meat and biscuits is pictured as very depressing. Even though they are in danger, they feel like crying.

In Wild Waves, the sea is described as wild and angry. It attacks the ship and tries to destroy it, just like the Germans were doing to the soldiers' lives. But after the ship was destroyed, the sea becomes calm again and that means the men have been saved by the ocean.

People think that poetry is only words that make you feel sad or happy. But really, it can also show you what happens when people face danger. Poetry is used to express feelings that cannot be said in other ways.

What is the conflict in exposure?

Despite being set during WWI, the weather is the main antagonist in Exposure. As Owen puts it, the conflict appears to be a backdrop for the suffering, "like a dreary whisper of some other battle." Nature is personified and operates as a menace in Owen's poem Exposure.

Owen uses natural imagery to create a sense of dread in his readers. The first line of the poem is very powerful because it describes nature as a "conflict." This means that there is tension between humanity and nature, but it does not mean that they are fighting each other. They are working together against something more powerful: death.

Owen also uses meteorology to add realism to his poem. He talks about rain falling on soldiers as they go over the top of the trenches, which reminds us that these men were once human too. Even though they were killed long before today's readers were born, they still suffer when we use our imagination to think about what would have happened if they had lived past their young ages.

Finally, Owen uses war metaphors to describe how people's lives are affected by exposure. He says that people are like casualties: "Each one lost in the conflict with his kind / And no one knowing how many victims lie beneath..." (my translation). In other words, everyone who is exposed to this deadly disease dies, and no one knows how many people are actually dead.

How is the power of nature presented in a storm on the island?

The island is inhospitable in Storm on the Island, and the inhabitants dread the extremes of nature as a result. Nature has taken on human form and appears to be assaulting them. The mood is one of terror.

The poem begins with the image of a storm on a remote island. This scene is then followed by a description of how the wind howls and the rain beats against the earth. The sound of thunder can also be heard in the background. Finally, the narrator says that never before had they seen a storm like this one.

This poem was written by William Wordsworth. He was an English Romantic poet who lived from 1770 to 1850. His work is famous for its descriptions of natural scenery - especially during times of strong weather.

Storms are common occurrences at sea and on islands. However, what makes this storm unusual is the fact that it is very powerful and seems to have no end. No matter how hard the wind or water tries, it cannot overcome the strength of stone on this island.

Wordsworth uses language that invokes feelings of fear in his readers. He tells us that the sky is black and that the moon does not shine. This implies that it is night time, so there is little hope of rescue if anyone is in need.

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