How has the poet described television?

How has the poet described television?

The poet depicts television as a box that bores children. It also destroys their creativity. It congeals and clogs their thoughts. They don't see beyond their displays. And it makes them antisocial.

Television was first invented in the 1920s. It started out as a novelty device that allowed people to watch movies on a screen. In the 1940s, television became popular with the public. By the 1950s, most homes had television sets. Today, almost every home in the world has a television set.

People love television because it can entertain and inform at the same time. You can learn about history from books and museums, but only television allows you to see the past up close and personal. Television shows are made using real people, places, and events and they allow us to feel like we're part of them even if we're not there in person.

In addition to entertainment, television can also teach us things. We use television to learn how to be better people-or at least try to. There are training programs for those looking to get into law enforcement or go into business. People also use television to learn how to fix things around the house or craft new things. The list goes on and on!

How has the poet brought out the theme of the poem through television?

1. Television as an idiot box-The poet believes that television has nothing beneficial to give youngsters. Instead, it just has "shocking horrible garbage." This is the type of stuff that holds children's attention and causes their eyes to bulge out, but it does not assist them in any way. The poet thinks that television is a waste of time for everyone, especially kids.

2. Television can be used as a tool for social change-Through his poems, the poet is trying to raise awareness about the harmful effects of television and also encourage people to switch off the set for one day without watching anything bad.

3. Limitations of television-According to the poet, television is only capable of showing us a small part of life and cannot replace real experience. In addition, television tends to focus on the negative rather than the positive aspects of life.

4. Conclusion-Television is a powerful medium that can have a great impact on society. Through his poems, the poet has tried to highlight some of its drawbacks so that we can all use this technology in a better way.

What are the effects of television on children?

According to the poet, television has a negative and harmful influence on youngsters. It hypnotizes them and causes their brains to become dull and mushy as cheese. Their inventive and creative abilities are harmed by viewing television for extended periods of time. They begin to trust what they see on television and become disconnected from real life and nature. Additionally, television leads children to try new things, but these activities usually involve trying not to vomit from the disgusting images or using the remote control like a knife.

Television is said to be responsible for causing children to lose their natural instincts and to become over-dependent on toys that can only do so much to entertain them. Viewing television can also cause children to become insecure about themselves and their place in the world. They feel like they have to act like those they see on television in order to be accepted by their peers.

Some researchers believe that too much television exposure during childhood can lead to behavioral problems later in life. These people claim that because television shows us doing things that seem fun and easy, but which most adults would eventually learn are wrong, it can give children the idea that this is how life is supposed to be lived. When you watch too many scary movies or show episodes where the main character loses, it can make kids think that these are the norms for important situations in life. However, others say that any adverse effects from television usage are minimal at best and could even be beneficial for children's cognitive development.

Who is being addressed to in the poem "Television" and why?

Ans. The poem addresses parents in order for them to learn about the bad influence of television on their children and how to keep their children's thinking and creativity from deteriorating. It also asks parents to listen to their children when they complain about having to stay up late watching TV.

Parents can help prevent their children from becoming addicted to television by limiting how much time they spend in front of the set and keeping track of what programs they watch. Parents should also make sure that their children do not exceed the amount of television exposure recommended in order to protect their health. Adults can also benefit from reducing their own television exposure by learning how to live without television for a day or two each week.

In conclusion, television can be a very harmful tool if not used properly. If you are a parent you must know how to control your child's access to this device in order to protect them from negative effects such as boredom, addiction, and loss of creativity.

What was the situation before the invention of television?

The poet refers to television as a monster in his poem television. What was the scenario like before it was invented? Prior to the birth of television, children would read instructional books. However, with the invention of television, children began to abandon reading books in favor of wasting their time watching television. This is because television offered them entertainment while reading required effort from children.

Television has had a huge impact on society today. It is used by advertisers to promote their products and services. As well, television networks broadcast news items about upcoming events and current affairs. Finally, television is used for educational purposes. Schools use television to teach children subjects such as math and science.

In conclusion, television was invented in 1925 by American inventor Philo T. Farnsworth. Since its creation, this technology has had an enormous impact on society. It is used for entertainment purposes, which allows people to waste time productively. Television is also used for public awareness campaigns and news reporting. There are even applications that use television signals to transmit data.

In addition, television helps teachers learn about their students' abilities and points of confusion regarding certain topics. This allows them to provide effective instruction.

It can be used to display videos of experiments or lectures to students. The teacher can also use video recordings to practice questions and answers with her class.

What is the summary of the poem "Television"?

It is one of the greatest poems produced by the most prolific writer, well-known children's novelist named Roald Dahl. The author encourages and recommends young people to read books rather than watch television. He says that excessive television viewing inhibits one's ability to imagine. It can also have negative effects on your health if you watch it for long periods of time.

The poem itself is written in first person present tense and tells the story of a boy who hates television but finds himself unable to stop watching it.

He begins by saying that he will never forget how he watched that terrible thing happen in his sleep. Then he goes on to describe other events that had occurred during the day. These include breaking up a fight between two boys over who owns the last chocolate bar in their box. After that he watches a news program about an airplane crash. Then there is a commercial for a new cereal product that makes him think of songs from when he was a child. Finally, he says that he has watched enough television for one day and that he is going out to play.

As he walks through town, he sees everyone else watching television too. Some are even shouting at the screen! Then he comes to a house where there are many more people inside than outside. They all have eyes that look like they are glued to the set.

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