How is the Person of the Year decided?

How is the Person of the Year decided?

Person of the Year is an annual edition of the American magazine Time that has been published since 1927. Every year, Time selects the person they believe has had the greatest influence on the events of the previous year (whether those things were good or bad). Previous selections have included Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, George Washington, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein.

Time's choice is not a political act but rather an effort to identify the people and groups that have had the most impact on the history of the world. Other factors that may come into play include fame, power, one's cultural significance, and more.

In addition to choosing a person as its "person of the year", Time also publishes a series of articles about them. These articles often focus on how their selection has affected their life and the lives of those around them.

Time has described their selection as reflecting "the influence and importance of a person or organization in the history of mankind".

The editor of Time Magazine, Edward F. Gunn, once said of the publication's purpose: "Time Magazine is not intended for readers but rather for viewers. It is intended to be viewed on an electronic screen, printed out at home on a PC, or presented on the television. The object is not to print pages but to provide a visual experience."

How does Time magazine choose the Person of the Year?

Time magazine's selections for Person of the Year are frequently contentious. Editors are required to choose the person or thing that has had the largest influence on the news, for better or worse—guidelines that force them to choose a newsworthy, but not necessarily commendable, cover topic. The choice is then featured in print and online editions across the United States.

Time first selected Roosevelt as its person of the year in 1933 at the height of his power and influence. The magazine did not select another president until Eisenhower was chosen in 1959. No one else has been selected since then.

Roosevelt's successor, Truman, wasn't selected by Time as its person of the year despite the fact that he was still very much in office when the magazine made its selection in 1949. Instead, editors chose Eleanor Roosevelt, who had been named as her husband's vice-presidential candidate two years earlier. She had been influential in her own right through her work with nonprofit organizations and political campaigns.

Since then, only three people have been selected as Person of the Year: Abraham Lincoln in 1861, Theodore Roosevelt in 1901, and Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932. The most recent selection, Barack Obama, became the first black person to be selected for this honor in 2009.

How does Time magazine pick the person of the year?

That person is called the "Person of the Year".

Time uses several factors to make their selection. Some of the factors used include: global impact, social significance, and personal achievement.

For example, if you look at the 1970s, it was a time when many people began questioning the status quo and how society worked. They also saw change as a good thing because everything new was supposed to be better than what we have now. In response, Time selected an anti-establishment figure who was willing to challenge the way things were done: President Nixon. He had a significant impact on changing U.S. foreign policy through détente with Russia and China, among other things.

If you look at the 2000s, it was a decade where technology played a large role in almost every aspect of life. From social media to mobile phones to the Internet, this trend showed that technology was here to stay and could not be stopped. In response, Time selected someone who pioneered the use of technology for good: Steve Jobs. The Apple founder changed the way we communicate by creating products such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

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