How is the lotus described in the poem?

How is the lotus described in the poem?

In the poem, she utilizes the rose and the lily to depict the West and the East. The "lily" represents the white race, while the "rose" represents the reddish skin tone of the eastern race, which includes her birthplace India. As a result, the poem "The Lotus" represents a merger of the West and the East (Dutt, 82).

Another interpretation suggests that the lotus has both western and eastern traits because it grows in muddy waters but also in clear lakes. Thus, it has the ability to absorb the good things from both the west and the east.

Finally, some scholars believe that the poet was actually describing herself because the lotus grows in muddy water but also in clear lakes. In other words, she had both western and eastern traits because she grew up in an urban environment yet was also very spiritual.

Why did love come to Flora in the Lotus?

Hover to find out more. In Toru Dutt's poetry "The Lotus," Love comes to Flora and asks for the Queen of Flowers for Psyche. These two flowers compete for the distinction of being selected. Both have received backing from powerful "bards" (songwriters or poets). The rose is crimson, but unlike the lily, it "can never tower." The lily can grow up to 20 feet tall with yellow flowers and leaves that resemble those of a leek.

Love is described as a winged boy with eyes like stars who carries a cornucopia filled with gifts for her. He tells Flora that they will be married after she has chosen another flower to represent her in a wedding ceremony.

The lotus plant grows in murky waters near lakes and rivers where other plants cannot survive. It is noted for its beautiful white flowers that contain black seeds that are eaten by birds which then spread them around their new homes allowing the seedlings to grow. The lotus has supernatural properties that help it thrive in polluted soil.

In this poem, Dutt is trying to explain how love can make everything seem possible even when there are obstacles in your way. He uses metaphors to describe love as a magical flower and a boy with wings so you can fly across oceans to reach him.

Dutt was born on December 22nd, 1876 in Delhi, India. He was educated at Cambridge University and Oxford University before becoming a poet and literary critic.

Who came asking for a flower in the poem The Lotus?

"The Lotus" is a poem from Dutt's Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan (1882). The poem tells a narrative in which the personified character of Love approaches Flora, the Roman goddess of blossoming plants, and asks her to produce the most beautiful flower in the world. Flora agrees and creates the lotus, after which she banishes Love because he has made a rival for the heart of Adonis.

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The lotus is Love who comes asking Flora to create a flower more beautiful than any other. Love had been banished by Flora because he was making a rival for the heart of Adonis, her son who was loved by both her and Mars (her husband). But Venus, another daughter of Mars, agreed with Love that they should be married instead so as not to break the peace between Mars and Jupiter (their father). So the marriage was held without Flora's consent but she did not know this until later. When she found out, she punished both Love and Venus by making them fall in love with different people - respectively Apollo and Adonis - and having them die. However, thanks to the intervention of Pallas Athena, a goddess who was acting as a go-between for them all, these two lovers were able to return to life once more.

What do the rose and lily symbolize in the Lotus?

The rose is presented as a potent emblem of beauty, romance, and deliciousness that poets have frequently employed. The lily is presented as a sign of grandeur and stateliness. The lotus, as a blend of beauty and stateliness, outperforms both in the symbolic projection (the rose and the lily).

In Hindu mythology, the nectar of life itself is found at the heart of the lotus. It's hard to imagine anything more beautiful or precious than a lotus flower. The Lotus also represents knowledge, purity, heaven, and Earth combined into one thing. It's an image commonly used in Buddhism and Jainism.

In Christianity, the lotus is often associated with Jesus Christ. According to Christian legend, after his death and resurrection, Jesus appeared to his followers in the form of a dove and a sunbeam encircled by flowers. This symbolism is sometimes used by Christians to illustrate the belief that Jesus is both human and divine.

Other examples include St. John the Baptist (who was said to be like a burning candle), St. Francis of Assisi (who introduced the practice of wearing flowers as a sign of devotion), and St. Teresa of Avila (who helped bring the lotus to Europe).

In conclusion, the lotus is a symbol for beauty, knowledge, heaven, and Earth combined into one thing.

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