How long is The Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

How long is The Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

800,000 characters The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is regarded as one of China's Four Great Classical Novels, with 800,000 words and roughly a thousand dramatic characters (mainly historical) spread throughout 120 chapters. It was written by Luo Guanzhong and published in 8th-century China. The novel tells the story of three warlords who have been raised together from childhood: Liu Bei, who becomes Emperor Xiaowu's favorite; Zhang Fei, who is ambitious but loyal to his friend; and Sun Quan, who is righteous but not particularly courageous. When they are adults, they fight over power until only one remains. Liu Bei wins and becomes emperor, while Zhang Fei and Sun Quan live on in obscurity.

It is believed that Luo Guanzhong wrote The Romance of the Three Kingdoms between 740 and 770 AD. The book has been praised for its realism and influence on Chinese culture. It has also been criticized for glorifying violence and plotting.

Liu Beiji's life starts out fairly ordinary, he is born in a small village near present-day Luoyang, Henan into a family of farmers. His father dies when he is young so he and his mother move in with her parents who are retired soldiers. They raise Liu Beiji along with his older brother who then goes off to study military tactics with several other young men.

Is there romance in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is regarded as one of China's Four Great Classical Novels, with 800,000 words and roughly a thousand dramatic characters (mainly historical) spread throughout 120 chapters. The Three Kingdoms' Romance

Pages from a 1591 printed edition of the novel
AuthorLuo Guanzhong
LC ClassPL2690.S3 E53 1995

When was the Romance of the Three Kingdoms written?

Luo Guanzhong's 14th century Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a Chinese historical book based on events in the turbulent years around the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms era (220–280). It is regarded as one of Chinese literature's Four Great Classical Novels. The other three are Dream of the Red Mansion, Water Margin, and Story of Mingyue.

It was originally a collection of stories that Luo Guanzhong's father, also named Luo Guanzhong, had told him about the wars among the kingdoms during the period after the fall of the Han Empire. The younger Luo decided to write them down as such stories were not being well known at the time. He worked on it for many years and published it when he was 55 years old. It became very popular and has never been out of print since its publication.

In addition to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Luo Guanzhong is also famous for his creation of the character Liu Kang (aka "Luoyang" Liu) who would go on to become one of the main characters in the Mortal Kombat series. Liu Kang first appeared in Chapter 80 of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms which was written by Luo Guanzhong himself.

Liu Kang is mentioned several times in the book.

What was the greatest achievement of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms?

The tremendous intricacy of its storylines and characters is one of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms' finest triumphs. There are various subplots throughout the novel. The following is a synopsis of the major narrative as well as some well-known highlights from the work.

In general, the work can be divided into three parts: the events before Liu Bei becomes emperor (before 18), the years of peace under his reign (18 to 28), and the years of war during which Sun Quan tries to defeat him (28 to 64).

Liu Bei's ancestors are listed in order of precedence with which they serve their lord. His great-grandfather Liu Zhang served under the warlord Zhang Lu, who controlled west central China. When Zhang Lu died, he left behind eight sons who competed for power. Only one, Liu Zhang, survived to old age. He passed away in 196 BC and was followed by six other men in less than ten years. This shows that Liu Zhang had been very successful in keeping his head above water in this family feud.

Liu Bei's father Liu Qi served under the military commander Guan Yu who killed many enemies of Liu Zhang and earned himself a place in history when he stopped the imperial army at the battle of Penglai (197 BC).

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