How many daily newspapers are there in Texas?

How many daily newspapers are there in Texas?

Texas has 41 newspapers that are published Monday through Sunday. The overall circulation of newspapers in Texas is 11908201, compared to 161,108,977 in the United States of America. In Texas, 251 newspapers are distributed free of charge, while 490 are distributed for a fee.

The most read newspaper in Texas is the Houston Chronicle, followed by the Dallas Morning News. Both are owned by Tribune Publishing. Other major dailies include the Austin American-Statesman, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and El Paso Times.

In terms of readership, the Houston Chronicle is the most read newspaper in Texas, with an average of 1.5 million monthly visitors. It is followed by the Dallas Morning News with 956,000 visitors per month.

These figures do not include online readership which is significant for some newspapers. For example, the Houston Chronicle reports that it has nearly 5 million digital readers annually. Similarly, the Dallas Morning News claims to have over 3 million digital readers every year.

Both the Houston Chronicle and the Dallas Morning News have been ranked as the top newspaper in Texas for several years in a row.

Other notable newspapers include: The El Paso Times, The San Antonio Express-News, The Waco Tribune-Herald, The Abilene Reporter-News, The Tyler Morning Telegraph, and The Galveston County Daily News.

How many newspapers are printed each day?

In 2018, the anticipated total daily newspaper circulation in the United States (print and digital combined) was 28.6 million for weekdays and 30.8 million for Sundays, down 8% and 9%, respectively, from the previous year. Weekday print circulation fell by 13%, while Sunday print circulation fell by 13%. The number of daily papers has declined over the past few decades as more people choose to get their news online.

There are about 150 daily newspapers published in the United States today, compared with 1,500 at the peak of publication in 1872. Only four cities - New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Detroit - have more than one daily paper. Newspaper readership in the United States is divided between two main groups: people who read print newspapers and people who read them electronically. About 75% of all newspaper readers get their news on print copies, while about 25% get it electronically, usually through the web or mobile apps. Print readers tend to be older, wealthier, and more educated than electronic readers.

Newspaper readership is a sensitive subject for journalists, since many people fear that decreased print ad revenues are going to lead to less reporting on important issues. But there are several factors other than newsworthiness that influence whether something makes it into a newspaper. Sales revenue is only one factor considered by editors when deciding which stories to run. Other factors include staff opinion polls and awards ceremonies.

Is the Houston Chronicle a good newspaper?

The Houston Chronicle is a daily newspaper headquartered in Houston, Texas that was founded in 1901. The print journal has an average daily readership of 825,000, with 1.4 million on Sundays. According to Ad Fontes Media, the Houston Chronicle is biased in the center and the most dependable in terms of trustworthiness. The paper has a strong reputation for its investigative journalism.

The Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Texas and the 17th largest in the United States. It is owned by Hearst Corporation, which also publishes several other newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle and the Miami Herald.

The Houston Chronicle is available at many locations throughout the city of Houston and surrounding areas. In addition, the paper is delivered nationwide through mail-order and other channels. Its website,, offers complete access to current articles and archives of back issues dating back to 1951. This popular regional news source is seen as one of the best in Texas.

Houston is part of Texas, which means you will usually get a conservative view from the paper. However, it does include some interesting stories on local politics and government affairs. Overall, this is a trustworthy newspaper that provides important information about what is happening in your community.

What was the first newspaper in San Felipe, Texas?

The Texas Gazette, one of Texas's first newspapers, began publishing on September 25, 1829, at San Felipe, under the editorship of Goodwin B. Cotten. On October 10, 1835, Gail Borden's Telegraph and Texas Register, which became the unofficial diary of the revolution, was first published in San Felipe. It was followed by other papers that made up the first newspaper network in Texas.

Goodwin B. Cotten came from a prominent family in Virginia. His father was governor of Virginia from 1798 to 1800. In addition to running the newspaper, Goodwin also did legal work and acted as postmaster. The paper had a wide circulation throughout Texas at this time, and it reported news about events occurring all over the country that were also happening in Texas. It also included advertisements for land sales and jobs available in Houston and elsewhere in Texas.

The Texas Gazette ceased publication in 1836. It was followed by several other newspapers that circulated through out Texas during its early years. These included the San Antonio Daily Express, the first newspaper published in what would become West Texas; the Victoria Advocate, the first newspaper published in modern-day Texas; and the Galveston Weekly News, the first newspaper published on the Gulf Coast. In 1840, Henry W. Bishop started the first daily newspaper in Austin. It was called the Statesman and it ran until 1842 when it was succeeded by another daily, the Republic.

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