How many novel pages is 35000 words?

How many novel pages is 35000 words?

35,000 words is 70 single-spaced pages or 140 double-spaced pages. Novels, novellas, and other published books are examples of typical texts of 35,000 words or more. Reading 35,000 words will take roughly 117 minutes.

Novels are defined by some scholars as a narrative fiction that focuses on a single issue, problem, or theme and which seeks to resolve it through resolution, not history.

Scholars generally agree that the modern novel originated in France with Antoine Géraudzius's (1667–1734) Les Aventures de Télémaque, the first work published in what would come to be called the novel form. It has been speculated that Shakespeare may have been inspired by Géraudzius's book when he wrote his own narratives in plays such as The Winter's Tale and Troilus and Cressida.

In Britain, Tobias Smollett published General History of the Indies in 1771–72. It contains 10 novels or volumes of about 15,000 words each.

The modern American novel began to appear around 1820. American writers including Benjamin Franklin Bache (1795–1865), William Gilmore Simms (1806–1870), and Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804–1864) all published extensively in Europe before coming to America.

What are 350 words in a page?

350 words is 0.7 single-spaced pages or 1.4 double-spaced pages. High school and college essays, brief blog posts, and news pieces are examples of documents that often include 350 words. A word count limit of 350 words allows time to cover an issue deeply while still keeping the essay focused and readable.

The number of words in your paper should be equal to or less than 350. If you go over this amount of words, your paper will not be accepted for publication.

When writing papers that go beyond one page, it is important to consider how much space each paragraph needs. Even if you write very well, your reader cannot read your entire mind; therefore, you need to give them enough information to understand the topic at hand but not so much that they get bored or lost. A good rule of thumb is to only use one paragraph per idea or thought. Multiply your word count by two before submitting your paper for approval.

How big is a 20,000 word book?

20,000 words is 40 single-spaced pages or 80 double-spaced pages. Novels, novellas, and other published books are examples of texts with more than 20,000 words. When utilizing regular margins (1 inch) and 12 pt font, a 20,000 word count will provide around 40 pages single-spaced or 80 pages double-spaced. A few long novels have been written that have over 100,000 words; however, these are usually manuscripts submitted to publishers that are seeking to increase their sales by advertising as "novels" rather than "trilogies" or "series."

A word count is also useful for writers who want to know how much space their ideas require. Some writers like to write full scenes before cutting them up into paragraphs, chapters, etc. ; others prefer to begin with broad strokes and fill in the details later. Knowing how many words you can fit on each page allows you to estimate how long your story or novel will be when it's finished.

After you've completed your book, there are several ways to determine its length. The easiest way is to calculate the number of words found in the manuscript itself. If you wrote a novel with a standard 250-word introduction and a 500-word conclusion, then the total word count would be 812 words. However, since most books contain more words than this, it's important to note that the above example is based on the idea that you wrote a complete sentence every time you used a word in the text.

How much does it cost to write 150 words?

150 words is 0.3 pages, whether double-spaced or single-spaced. Short memos, blog entries, and marketing copy are examples of documents that generally include 150 words. When utilizing regular margins (1 inch) and 12 pt font, a word count of 150 will result in around 0.3 pages single-spaced or 0.6 pages double-spaced. Multiply the price by the number of words you need written to get your budget total.

The price of writing 150 words depends on several factors such as genre, word count requirements, deadlines, etc. The basic fee for writing 150 words is $25 per page. For example, if you need two articles of 500 words each, the total cost would be $50 for two pages. If you only need to write one page, the charge would be $25.

Some writers may ask you to pay before starting work, while others will take care of that up front. Either way, when calculating your budget please remember that you can always pay more than one writer for additional page views.

In general, documents that require information about individuals may have privacy issues that could affect how much you should pay for writing them. For example, if you were writing about someone's career path or life story, you would want to make sure that no one else was using those details elsewhere online without their permission. You might also have to pay extra if you use any private facts about the person.

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