How often is Elle published?

How often is Elle published?

ELLE DECOR comes out ten times a year. Your first issue will come 4 to 6 weeks after your subscription purchase is received. The next issue will be delivered 2 months later, and so on.

Issues are usually around 250 pages each. There are four sections to each issue: "Ideas for Living," which includes advice from celebrities and decorators; "Styling Scenes," which show how designers apply their ideas to homes; "Shopping Spots," which list where to find beautiful things at affordable prices; and "Garden Gawks," which feature gardens across the country.

Each issue has a different theme. For example, the September/October issue's theme is "Autumn Leaves." It features designs inspired by colors found in falling leaves as well as recipes for cooking with apples.

Other topics include "White Christmas," "Thanksgiving," "Halloween," and "Christmas Trees."

How often do Cosmopolitan magazines come out?

Cosmopolitan is published monthly, with the exception of combined issues, which count as two issues on the cover. See the table below for the delivery schedule for following issues. All subscriptions purchased through us include free shipping.

Issues are released on the fourth Thursday of each month.

If you don't want any more issues, simply cancel at any time. However, if you cancel after our last issue has been sent to the printer but before it has been shipped, you will be charged for that issue.

Cancellations must be made by mail or online. You can cancel by phone by calling 1-800-737-7030. There is a $4.95 cancellation fee per order.

Please allow up to 10 business days for your request to be processed. Subscriptions start on the date of issue shown on the front cover. If this date falls on a weekend or holiday, then the issue will be released the next business day.

Example: If you subscribe in November and cancel in April, you will not receive an April issue but would receive the May issue on its release date in June.

Cosmo does not send out refund checks.

How often is Bottom Line Personal published?

Every year, 24 times. Bottom Line/Personal is now published 24 times per year by Boardroom, Inc. Your first issue will be sent in 4–8 weeks. It is printed on coated stock and covers are optional.

It is a resource for executives who want to understand the business of higher education - from admissions to financial management. The journal's focus is on practice-oriented articles that address critical issues facing colleges and universities today - such as managing growth, reducing costs, creating a culture of excellence, and more.

Bottom Line/Personal is also read by senior officers at institutions across the country. They use its analysis of current issues and trends, along with practical advice, to help make decisions about their schools.

The magazine has several important awards including "Best College Newspaper" by the National Collegiate Press Association.

Issues can be purchased online at for $45 per copy. There is also a paid subscription option for those who would like to receive updates from the newspaper directly.

Magazines are a valuable advertising medium for college newspapers because they are available during key time periods and target specific audiences. Issues tend to be affordable too - costing only a few dollars to produce.

How do magazine publication dates work?

A weekly magazine's first issue should arrive within 4–6 weeks following your order. Unless otherwise specified, the first issue of a monthly magazine should arrive within 12–16 weeks. After you place an order on, it may take up to two weeks for the publisher to receive and arrange your subscription. Once your subscription starts, you will receive another email with details on how to find your magazine online.

How often is Good Housekeeping magazine published?

Except when combined issues are produced, Good Housekeeping is published monthly. Those count as two issues, as shown on the cover of the issue. Subsequent issues will arrive at regular intervals thereafter.

Issues are about 160 pages long, with an average weight of about 5 ounces. They are sold for $5.99 per copy and can be purchased at most grocery stores and other retail outlets that sell magazines.

Good Housekeeping has a circulation of approximately 2.5 million copies per month, making it the largest-circulation women's magazine in the United States. The magazine was founded in Chicago in 1900 by Mary Harpley Wright and her sister, Eliza Armstrong Wright. The sisters decided to start their own magazine because they felt that none addressed topics important to women. Over the years, the magazine has been led by several influential people who have made significant contributions to journalism and literature.

The current president and editor-in-chief is Meg Murphy Brennan. Under her leadership, the magazine has continued to focus on topics that are relevant to modern women without losing sight of its original purpose: to provide helpful information on home economics and housekeeping.

Besides its print edition, Good Housekeeping also has an online version called

How often is the New Yorker delivered?

Each issue is released one week before the cover date, and the majority of subscribers receive it a few days later. Each issue may arrive up to two weeks after the cover date for subscribers outside the United States. Check to check which issue was most recently mailed to you, or report a delivery problem. Subscribers can log in to to check their mail.

The New York Times is published in four daily parts: Sunday New York Times, Monday New York Times, Tuesday New York Times and Wednesday New York Times.

Subscribers receive the print edition of the newspaper, usually by first class mail. Some large cities have online-only news sites that make their content available for free. These include,,, and

In some cases, publishers may offer an electronic version of the paper for free on a website. Examples include The New York Times Company's and Chicago Tribune Company's Such websites are typically supported by advertising revenue.

Up until 2013, there were five daily newspapers printed in New York City. Now, only The New York Times remains, because of its popularity and distribution reach.

The New York Times has the largest circulation of any daily newspaper in the country.

How often is Vanity Fair published?

Vanity Fair is published monthly, with the exception of combined issues, which count as two issues, as specified on the cover. Your first issue will be sent between 6 and 8 weeks after your order is received. Following that, you should receive each issue a week before the cover date (for example, your May issue will arrive the last week of April).

Vanity Fair sells for $15 per copy. The cost of publishing Vanity Fair includes production expenses (printing, shipping and distribution), which amount to about one-third of its revenue.

Vanity Fair Online costs $5 per month or $60 per year. You can read all the articles in the current issue of Vanity Fair magazine free online. All you need is a web browser with JavaScript enabled.

The content of Vanity Fair comes from a variety of sources including art, fashion, politics, culture, business, and media. Some items are submitted by members of the public who want to share their story with others through the medium of print. Others are selected by the magazine's editors. Still others are purchased from independent producers around the world.

Vanity Fair has been published since 1868. It is owned by American media company Time Inc.

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