How was Jerome caught in his own words?

How was Jerome caught in his own words?

When Jerome offered to pack, he wanted to command the situation and guide Harris and George. They, on the other hand, adopted a different approach and allowed Jerome handle the full work of packing on Jerome. Jerome became engrossed in his own words in this way. He failed to notice that the men were leaving him in the house alone.

When the men returned, they found Jerome wrapped up in their clothes. They had no idea who left them there until then so they decided to stay together as a group. After hearing what had happened, Jerome felt terrible about what he had done so he went looking for the men to apologize. However, they had already gone back home and nothing had been stolen.

Jerome decided not to tell anyone about his finding except for George who promised not to tell anyone else. As it turned out, the men's families believed they had abandoned them so they got away with it. The next day, Jerome saw money lying around the house so he packed his things again and went after another job. This time, he was careful to lock the door behind him but once again, the men didn't care and stole everything they could get their hands on. This time, however, Jerome told everyone what had happened and they decided to be more careful from then on.

After this incident, Jerome stopped hunting altogether and started working as a farmhand to support himself and his family.

What was Jerome’s intention behind his offer to pack? How was he trapped by his own words?

1 response When Jerome offered to pack, his true purpose was to command the situation. He wanted Harris and George to follow his orders and to be pushed aside every now and then to teach them how to pack correctly.

2 responses By saying that he would pack their goods, Jerome meant that he would hire people to do it for him. He wanted to make sure that they did not leave before the full year was up. This way, he could keep them under his control until they found other job offers.

3 responses By saying that he knew what kind of work required strength and dexterity, Jerome meant that he had seen men pack boxes in his father's store. This made him think of hiring others to do this work for him. He wanted to make sure that no one else would accept the job so that he could keep George under his wing.

4 responses By saying that two can play at that game, Jerome meant that he was not going to let anyone trap him. If anyone came after him with an offer, he would simply say "no" and continue with his life. He wanted to show George that there were other things in this world than packing boxes and that you cannot hold down a job for a year without letting someone know about it.

Why was Jerome irritated with George and Harris's reaction?

By doing nothing while preparing for the trip, Harris and George aggravate Jerome. When Jerome offered to pack, they sat on the sofa and chair and began making jokes on his packing style. Then, when Jerome asked them to help, they refused.

Jerome is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. Therefore, his reaction is understandable.

What irritated Jerome?

Jerome was annoyed since he was doing all of the packing while his friend was sitting and resting. As a result, this situation irritated Jerome. He felt that if his friend wanted to help out then he should be willing to do so.

Why did it irritate Jerome that his friend wasn't helping out?

Because Jerome was alone and had no choice but to pack by himself, his friend should have helped him out. Although his friend didn't want to bother with it, he should have at least offered to help.

Was helping Jerome's friend a good idea?

Yes, because then they could have packed together which would have reduced the amount of work needed to be done. Also, having another person help out would have made the task less tiring for Jerome. In conclusion, helping out your friend is a good idea.

What did Jerome and Harris do to trouble George?

He got his leg stuck in the muck and scared the teaspoons. In addition, he imagined that the lemons were rats. So he went into the hamper and slaughtered three of them. Harris blamed Jerome for the dog's behavior. As punishment, they tied him to a tree and cut off several fingers. As soon as Jerome was untied, he ran away from Harris and never looked back.

Jerome had sinned by imagining creatures in the fog. If he hadn't done this, the dogs would have eaten him instead of the rats. Also, he felt guilty for killing the dogs, so he didn't tell Harris about the lemons. As a result, both boys were punished severely. However, Jerome was still afraid of Harris and ran away as soon as he was freed.

George wanted to know what happened to Jerome and Harris so he asked Miss Lemon. When she told him, he decided to send some soup over to their house every day until they apologized to George.

You should apologize to George even if you're not sure that you did anything wrong. He's only trying to help you improve your city and it's sad that you two can't be friends.

The end.

What did Vincent Jerome leave at the crime scene in Gattaca?

"Jerome, Jerome, Jerome the metronome. You can play the piano just listening to his heartbeat." They no longer see you when they look at you.

Vincent Jerome was an average man who tried to raise an exceptional child. But the system wanted different things for Vincent and his son, Gabriel. So they killed him to give him a better chance in life.

After his father's death, Gabriel Jerome raised himself up by his own bootstraps and succeeded where his father failed. He became a genetically engineered astronaut, working for a genetic research company called Erasmus.

But even though he had everything he needed to survive, something inside him died along with his father. And since that day, he has been looking for a way to go back home.

Now it is your turn to save Gabriel's life. You must also work within the system to achieve this goal. The only thing that stands between Gabriel and complete failure is you, the protagonist of the story.

You are given six opportunities to save Gabriel's life. If you succeed on five of them then the game will end successfully, otherwise not.

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