How would you describe a phenomenal woman?

How would you describe a phenomenal woman?

A woman is described as fantastic because she always does what is best for herself in the end. A remarkable lady is exceptional; she can go above and beyond her means. In addition, the term "I" is used to describe the poet in this poem, just as she uses herself to describe a magnificent lady. This poem has a highly upbeat tone. The poet hopes that the goddess will love him and accept his gifts.

Fantastic women are strong-willed and don't like to be told what to do. They know what's best for them and their lives work hard to achieve their goals. Some examples of fantastic women include Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Beyoncé Knowles.

They may have problems trusting men because of past experiences, but they still believe that men can change. That's why the poet in this poem sends her gifts; he wants Athena to love him.

Athena was the goddess of wisdom and craftiness. She was also the protector of cities and travelers. Think about it: Fantastic women protect those who cannot protect themselves and offer advice to those who ask for it.

Her symbols are the owl and the laurel leaf. Owls are known for being wise and helping confident people who need help making decisions. Laurels are used to honor great poets and writers.

In conclusion, a woman is defined as fantastic if she always does what is best for herself in the end.

What does Maya Angelou poem Phenomenal Woman mean?

Phenomenal Woman is a lyrical poem that offers a vital message to the world of convention and stereotypes: empowerment comes from being secure in your own feminine skin, even if the majority do not regard you as cute or stylish. It's also a tribute to women who have excelled in their fields despite being labeled as "outrageous" or "difficult" by men who they should have been afraid of, but weren't.

Maya Angelou was an American poet, writer, and civil rights activist. She became known for her collection of essays I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, which discusses issues such as slavery, racism, and self-esteem. In addition to writing poetry, prose, and children's books, she delivered speeches across the United States on social issues such as feminism and racial equality. Angelou has been called "the mother of modern speech therapy" because of her work with autistic children and other developmental disorders. She was also a vocal opponent of the death penalty and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

In 1972, Angelou published Phenix City, Alabama: A Novel, which dealt with race relations in the South during the era of segregation. The book was widely praised for its honesty and literary quality and won the National Book Award.

What is the commonality between phenomenal women and typical women?

A fantastic lady is someone who has the ability to influence and inspire others. A typical woman is one who has a desire but lacks the fortitude to take up space and lead others around her. Phenomenal women are those who have an impact on society, who inspire people through their actions.

There will always be phenomenal women to inspire future phenomenal women. It is our responsibility as their followers to support them in their endeavors and provide inspiration of our own when they need it most.

Phenomenal women include such figures as Malala Yousafzai, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Angela Merkel. They are brave souls who know what needs to be done and they are willing to sacrifice everything to make their dreams come true.

Typical women include everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Taylor Swift. They may not be known for their bravery, but they are still important parts of society who deserve to be recognized.

As we look at these two types of women, what do we see? We see that there is a lot of similarity between them because they are both capable of inspiring people through their actions. However, phenomenal women have the ability to affect and change the world while typical women simply enjoy being part of this world.

What’s the meaning of "phenomenal woman"?

The meaning of phenomenal is "amazing, outstanding, or exceptional." A great lady does not have this title because she is flawless. It's more about what she does with her flaws. She uses them as motivation to keep striving for better things in life.

Phenomenal means that she controls her circumstances and lives up to or even exceeds her potential.

Phenomenal women are responsible for their own careers. They don't wait for men to give them jobs or promotions. They find ways to make themselves indispensable so they don't get replaced when a new technology or business model comes around. They also don't rely on men to be successful; instead they develop themselves into individuals who are capable of achieving great things by themselves.

Some examples of phenomenal women are Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, and Hillary Clinton.

What is the main idea of the poem, "Phenomenal Woman"?

The concept of women's attractiveness is a significant element in "Phenomenal Woman." Throughout the poem, Angelou expresses the notion that she is "a woman/phenomenally./a woman/phenomenally. That's who I am." She supports her conviction that... by repeating the term "phenomenal" and utilizing that phrase throughout the poem. Angelou wants her audience to understand that she is exceptional among women.

Phenomenal means remarkable or showing forth clearly or conspicuously. Angelou uses this word to describe herself as a woman who is extraordinary compared to other women.

She believes that she deserves recognition because she has achieved many firsts for black women: first female principal at Berkeley Lee Elementary School, first black woman president of PTA at Hunter College Elementary School, and first black woman elected mayor of Birmingham, Alabama. By proclaiming that she is phenomenal, Angelou wants her listeners to know that she has done these things without being ordinary or typical.

Angelou also uses this word to explain why some women are attractive. She says that they are phenomenal because they have beautiful faces. Faces are important because they are the first thing people see when they look at you. So by saying that certain women are phenomenal because they have beautiful faces, Angelou is implying that they are also intelligent and capable.

Another way in which Angelou explains why some women are attractive is by saying that they are phenomenal because they have great personalities.

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