How would you describe Robert Frost?

How would you describe Robert Frost?

Robert Frost, full name Robert Lee Frost, was an American poet known for his depictions of New England rural life, command of American colloquial speech, and realistic verse depicting ordinary people. He was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California, and died on January 29, 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts. Frost graduated from Harvard University in 1897 and took a job as a schoolmaster. In 1901 he moved to Boston where he became friends with Carl Sandburg, James Thurber, and other artists who helped him develop his own poetic voice.

Frost's first collection of poems, _A Boy's Will_, was published in 1900 when he was only twenty-one years old. It was followed by three more volumes over the next seven years: _Two Tales_ (1903), _Mountain Interval_ (1904), and _North of Boston_ (1905). In 1906 he won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his collection _Sixteen Tasks_.

During World War I, Frost served in the Army Air Force as a pilot but was forced to resign because of poor eyesight. After the war ended, he returned to Boston where he lived until his death at the age of ninety-one. His body is buried in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Frost is one of the most popular poets in America today. His works are required reading in high schools and colleges across the country.

When was Robert Frost born?

26th of March, 1874 Robert Frost's birth date Robert Frost, full name Robert Lee Frost, (born March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California, U.S.—died January 29, 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts), American poet known for his descriptions of New England rural life, command of American vernacular English, and realistic poems depicting everyday people. His work has been widely imitated and has had a significant influence on later poets including W. H. Auden and Louis Zukofsky.

Robert Frost came from an affluent family. His father was a successful merchant who owned one of the largest dry-goods stores in Boston. When Frost was eight years old, his father died, leaving the family with little money. The children were sent to live with their mother's family in Gloucester, Massachusetts. There they would stay until Mrs. Frost could get back on her feet again. She found work as a schoolteacher and managed to make ends meet. Frost showed an early interest in poetry and literature, especially Greek and Latin works. He attended Harvard University for two years but did not finish his studies because he had no money for tuition fees. During this time, he worked as a tutor and also spent his free time writing poetry. In 1896, at the age of 25, Frost returned to Boston where he tried to find work as a schoolmaster but without success. That same year, he married Jane Ellsworth. They had three children together: Mary, John, and Elizabeth.

Why do you think Frost is considered by many to be the greatest American poet of the 20th century?

Frost, Robert, 1874–1963. Frost is well-known for his realistic portrayals of rural life and grasp of American common English. The majority of his poems is situated in early twentieth-century rural New England. In his poems, he employed them to investigate complicated social and philosophical issues. His work has been influential in shaping modernist poetry.

Frost's mastery of language and perception of reality have made him one of the most popular poets in America. He is praised for his crisp imagery and dramatic use of metaphor.

Frost is regarded as the father of modernism because of its innovative style. His poems are known for their strict metrical patterns and intricate wordplay. They also feature a great deal of alliteration and onomatopoeia.

His work pre-dating that of T. S. Eliot by several years has helped him become one of the most influential poets of the twentieth century.

Frost was born on 3 April 1874 in Stony Brook, New York. His parents were John Wesley Frost, a Methodist minister, and Mary Lee Frost, a homemaker. He had two siblings: a sister named Laura; a brother named John H. Frost. When Frost was nine years old, his family moved to San Jose, California where his father took charge of the Methodist Mission there.

Why is Robert Frost the greatest American poet?

Similarly, why is Robert Frost such a well-known poet? He is well-known for his realistic pictures of rural life, which capture the rhythms of genuine speech and illustrate the human reaction to natural processes. Many believe Robert Frost to be the best American poet of the twentieth century. His poems have been included in school literature programs throughout the United States.

Frost was born on January 2, 1874 in San Francisco, California. His father was an attorney who moved the family to Indiana when Robert was still a young boy so that he could take up a position at Indiana University. While there, he learned to love poetry and began writing it himself. After graduating from college, he traveled around Europe for several years before returning home to Middletown, New York, where he lived until his death in 1964.

During his lifetime, Frost published four collections of poems: Spring and All (1923), North of Boston (1925), Selected Poems (1939), and The Odes (1950). In addition, he edited two other books: Last Words (1919) and A Boy's Book of Birds (1920).

Frost was a member of various literary groups including the Hog Farm and the Parisians. He also played an important role in promoting American poetry by giving readings from modern poets and organizing an annual conference called "The Allen Memorial Conference" which brought together many major poets of the time.

What are the major themes of Robert Frost’s poems?

Robert Frost's Poem Themes

  • Everyday life.
  • Human contact with the natural world.
  • Human love.
  • Isolation.
  • Life’s struggles.
  • Mortality.
  • Nature.
  • New England.

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