Is 20 cents per word good?

Is 20 cents per word good?

Averages of General Pricing A general rule of thumb: 5–7.5 cents per word is less than average and more common for entry-level rates. The usual average is 8-11 cents per word. For more experienced authors, 12-15 cents per word is significantly above average. Some top writers can command up to 25 cents per word.

That said, 20 cents per word is well below the mark for an average rate. If you can find something that costs only 20 cents per word, then it's definitely worth looking into. The best way to find out if 20 cents is a good rate is to check other sources - other people's work, which can be found online for free. If they can get away with charging only 20 cents per word, so can you!

The fact is that most people cannot afford to pay 15 cents or even 10 cents per word. The standard rate is much higher because that's what publishers need to make a profit. As long as you're writing within your ability and not trying to write best sellers without taking your time, you will not go wrong with a lower rate.

Do not pay more than 30 cents per word. Yes, there are some experts who can charge up to 30 cents per word but they are in the minority. Most writers cannot do better than 20 cents per word and some can't do better than 15 cents per word.

How much do you charge for 500 words?

A 500-word article costs roughly $50 in the business. Rates may vary, but for a native-speaking writer in the target language, expect to earn at least.10 per word. This is a middle-of-the-road rate. A first-time contributor might be able to find work for $25-$35 per article.

The most common length of an academic paper is between 5,000 and 8,000 words. Longer papers are not uncommon, but they are more common with theoretical or conceptual papers than with empirical studies. Some journals will not publish anything under 4,000 words...

The basic math is pretty simple: You can write one page every day for two months and have a book-length manuscript. At 500 words per article, that's 100 articles, which you could probably finish in about a year if you were very diligent.

But what does "writing a book" even mean? That depends on how long your book is and how long it takes you to write it. If you want to write a book that covers everything there is to know about a topic, then you're looking at a 10,000-word minimum effort that might take you five years to complete.

How much should you pay per word?

There is no straightforward answer: independent writers often charge between $0.02 and $1 per word. Some industry insiders say $0.05 to $0.10 is reasonable; others claim $100 or more for a single work. No matter what your experience, it's easy to fall into the trap of trying to write like a professional when you can't afford to be choosy.

The first thing to understand about how much you should be paying per word is that it depends on how long your article is. Short articles are usually paid less than longer ones of equal quality. For example, an article 10 paragraphs long would be expected to earn less than an article 20 paragraphs long. This makes sense because people want their time and effort rewarded, but not wasted. Longer pieces tend to be more lucrative because they have more room to explore and demonstrate expertise.

After you know the length of your article, you can figure out how much it should be worth by looking up published rates. There are several websites that will do this for you by analyzing similar articles. For example, one such site found that an average price for an article in the business category on Zite was $0.04 per word.

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