Is 2pac the greatest rapper of all time?

Is 2pac the greatest rapper of all time?

His music has influenced today's rappers, notably Kendrick Lamar. Several Tupac albums were released posthumously, fueling years of conjecture that he was still alive. Many consider Tupac to be the greatest rapper of all time because of his strong flow and lyrical abilities.

He was also known for his energetic performances and use of profanity on stage. Some people felt his content was too aggressive for mainstream success, but his supporters argued that he was just getting started.

Born Mark Alexander McKnight on April 21st, 1972 in Boston, Massachusetts, he grew up with his mother and siblings after his father went to jail when he was only nine years old. He had a difficult childhood due to financial problems and the death of his father, but he found comfort in music. At age 13, he changed his name to Tupac Amaru Shakur.

After graduating from high school, he moved to California to pursue a career in music. There, he met Dr. Dre who helped him sign with Aftermath Entertainment. His first album, an EP called New York Times, was released in September 1996 and it reached number one on the Billboard 200. This earned him a place in history as the first hip hop artist to have his debut album reach the top spot.

However, controversy soon ensued after police arrested him for shooting at two men who had earlier robbed him.

Who is the better rapper, 2pac or Biggie?

Complex's Justin Charity explains why Tupac is greater than Biggie. Pac's main competitor in the game was Biggie. Biggie arrived on the scene and elevated East Coast rap to new heights. He was more popular and received more attention from both rappers and fans across the world. However, after losing out to Tupac on many occasions, Biggie started copying his rival's style and using similar metaphors and samples. This led many to believe that he was just as if not more talented than Tupac.

Biggie was also more controversial because of his aggressive nature and violent lyrics. But while Tupac embraced his own death by becoming an activist after his passing, Biggie seemed to shy away from the spotlight seeking revenge on those who stole his record sales.

Ultimately, Tupac was more innovative because he introduced songs where other rappers could not (such as "Brenda's Got a Baby"). While Biggie was more consistent, Tupac was more creative.

Biggie was more popular and reached a larger audience but that doesn't mean that Tupac wasn't important. He influenced many musicians and made sure that every time someone wanted to copy his style they would need permission first. This way others wouldn't use his ideas and creativity for their own success without giving him credit for it.

How did 2pac change rap?

Tupac demonstrated his poetic abilities by releasing numerous albums following his big smash with Digital Underground. The film Juice gave him his biggest break ever. Of course, music got him started, but the character he played in the film "Juice" gave him a big break. After playing an urban gangster who uses his gun to get what he wants, Tupac became more popular than ever before.

Tupac's death brought about a decline to hip hop as we know it today. There have been many other rappers since then, but none of them can touch the popularity of Tupac or his genre.

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