Is Easy Rider magazine still in publication?

Is Easy Rider magazine still in publication?

Easyriders was a 1970s American motorcycle magazine. Pepper Foster publishes it quarterly. Paisano Publications was the original publisher till 2020. Its current publisher is Scott Deutsch.

It covers motorcycles of all types, including roadsters, scooters, and sport bikes. It also has articles on custom bikes, vintage machines, and interesting riders from past and present. The magazine is 8-pages long with an average price of $15.

After the first issue was published in January 1975, Easyriders became one of the most popular magazines in the world. It has received several awards over the years for its writing and photography. The magazine's editor from 1975 to 1979 was Peter Fonda. After leaving the magazine, he went on to become a famous actor with three number one movies in the 1970s. The current editor is Scott Deutsch who took over after Paisano acquired the magazine in 2020.

Easyriders continues to be published today and is sold at many stores across the United States. There are also many websites where you can find online versions of the magazine for free. In addition, some issues are available at libraries worldwide.

Easyriders started as a small magazine but has grown into a large corporation that employs more than 50 people.

When was the first Easy Rider magazine published?

Easyriders, June 1971

First issue, June 1971
Year founded1970
CountryUnited States
Based inWest Hollywood, California

Is Rider magazine digital only?

Rider Magazine is pleased to provide a digital edition of each issue of its print publication. Our digital versions are page-for-page replicas of the print magazine, so you can read what was in the print magazine even if you aren't a subscriber. All current and past issues of the print version are available in our online archive.

You can find out more about digital editions and download them for free at

Issues are available in different formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and DOC. If you own an e-reader like Amazon's Kindle or Apple's iPad, you can read these file types directly on your device. If you use another reader, you can often convert these files into other formats that your reader reads such as AZW (Amazon) or PRC (Barnes & Noble).

Some issues are also available in HTML format which can be read with any web browser. These can be useful if you want to view some articles offline or if you just prefer reading plain text files instead of formatted documents.

Finally, some issues are available in a limited number of other formats. These include CBZ for CompuServe Classic Comics, RTF for CompuServe Reply Text Files, and PDB for Palm Database files.

Is Rider magazine still printed?

Rider's March edition was the final one to be produced and sent in paper form. As a subscriber, I can assure you that, like many other readers, I had no notice that the print version had been halted. The magazine is still published in the same format, however it is only available online. There are also occasional specials called "print-only" issues that contain articles not found in any other form of Rider magazine.

Some content may have changed since the last printed issue. For example, some features are no longer done in full color; others are presented in an interactive format that's not possible in the printed version. But most of the material in each issue is exactly the same as it was when printed.

There are two reasons why we stopped printing Rider in paper form. First, it has become increasingly difficult to find printers who are willing to do color work. This means that more and more of the artwork you see in colors on Web sites such as Pinterest was created by professional artists who receive no compensation for this work. Second, technology has made it easy for us to produce an online-only product that provides all the features of a printed magazine at a fraction of the cost.

When we decided to move into digital media, we wanted to create a website that would give our audience what they want from a motorcycle magazine while at the same time providing them with a new experience. We think we succeeded!

Does Lowrider magazine still exist?

Lowrider magazine will no longer be published in print after 42 years, revealed Joe Ray, editor-in-chief of Lowrider Magazine. "It's a bittersweet situation. That publication shaped my life "says Juan Wicho Flores, a member of San Diego's Lowrider club. "I have so many great memories from back then when I was just a kid riding around with my friends in our cars."

The last issue will be published in April 2013. Starting with the May 2013 issue, the magazine will appear online only.

"After 42 years, Lowrider magazine is ending its run as a printed publication," said Ray in a statement. "But we're excited about the future of Lowrider and the success it's had on magazines online."

In addition to being an authority on lowriders, Joe Ray has been involved with the magazine industry since he was 18 years old. He is currently president of Ray Publishing Inc., which owns several popular car magazines including Muscle Car Weekly, Hot Rod Weekly and Real Wheels.

Lowrider magazine was first published in March 1973 by Don Yenko and Fred Diaz. It was originally called Mustang Monthly before being changed to Lowrider two issues later. Over the years, the magazine has become very influential in the car culture community. It features articles on muscle cars, customs, lowriders, race cars and vintage vehicles.

Who publishes Real Simple?

Real Simple/Publishers, Meredith Corporation

Meredith Corporation publishes Real Simple, an American monthly magazine. The magazine contains articles and information about housework, childcare, cooking, and emotional well-being. The magazine's layout and images are defined by their clean, uncomplicated design.

Can I get Real Simple magazine online?

Get your Real Simple Magazine digital membership now. Our digital edition is packed with more of what you love about the print issue, plus videos, articles, and more. Subscribe today — 1 year (12 issues) for $59 ($3.75 per issue).

Is Automobile magazine still in print?

Automobile is one of 19 collector's books that are no longer in print. Motor Trend, Hot Rod, and Four Wheeler will continue to be published. "While TEN Publishing will no longer publish Automobile magazine, MotorTrend Group will continue to deliver our digital coverage," the publication said on Twitter. "We plan to have a new publisher for MotorTrend Group in place by spring 2018."

The last issue was printed in December 2016.

Automobile is part of the Motor Trend group of magazines which also includes Hot Rod, Four Wheel Drive, Trucking Life, Bimmer Magazine, and Supercar Magazine. The group has more than 100 years of history publishing automotive content worldwide.

It all started in 1948 when Henry Ford II bought exclusive rights to use the name "Motor Trend" for any magazine covering automobiles. He changed the name from Modern Trends to Motor Trend to reflect the nature of its content -- a review of current cars with emphasis on their design and technology. In 1990, it became an independent company when parent company American Motors (AM) sold its motor vehicle divisions to merge them into GM. In 2001, AM acquired rival Car & Driver, giving Motor Trend a total circulation of approximately 500,000 copies per month. In 2010, after failing to find a buyer, Motor Trend went out of business. But thanks to the efforts of Ten Speed Press, they were able to start fresh with a new team and new direction at Motor Trend Group.

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