Is a full stop required for bullet points?

Is a full stop required for bullet points?

If at all possible, avoid using full stops within bullet points; instead, begin another bullet point or expand using commas, dashes, or semicolons. At the conclusion of each bullet point, there is no punctuation.

Do you put periods after bullet points in PowerPoint?

Here's what we think: After each bullet point that is a sentence, use a period. This entails putting a full stop after each bullet point. After bullets that aren't sentences, don't use any punctuation.

Do bullets need periods?

After each bullet that constitutes a sentence, use a period or other full stop. Use a period after bullet lists that aren't entire sentences or don't finish the initial stem sentence. Semicolons should not be used at the conclusion of punctuation. In your bullet lists, use either entire phrases or fragments. If you use complete sentences, they will be more effective.

Do bullet points need punctuation?

Bullet points are used as punctuation. Use capital letters and punctuation if the content of your bullet point is a complete sentence (or many phrases). You do not need to conclude with punctuation if your points are not formed as proper sentences. This includes introducing a quote within your text or listing several reasons why something is true.

Do bullet points get periods?

After the bullet list that concludes the initial stem sentence that introduces it, use a period.

How do you introduce a bullet point?

How to Make Use of Bullet Points:

  1. The text introducing the list of bullet points should end with a colon.
  2. If the text that follows the bullet point is not a proper sentence, it doesn’t need to begin with a capital letter, nor end with a period.

Should bullet points have periods in PowerPoint?

This includes bullet points, such as the one seen above, in which only single words are printed on each line.

Should resume bullets be one line?

All of your bullet points should ideally fit on one line. If you have a very long sentence, attempt to relocate it to the end of the bullets so that another bullet point does not mix with the conclusion of the phrase. This will help your reader understand the point you are making and give them time to process what they have read.

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