Is Lowrider Magazine Going Out of Business?

Is Lowrider Magazine Going Out of Business?

The magazine will be shutting down in December 2019. Lowrider covers all facets of lowrider culture, including automobiles, music, and fashion. It also addressed political and cultural concerns concerning Chicanos, as well as funding an annual scholarship program.

Does Lowrider magazine still exist?

Lowrider magazine will no longer be published in print after 42 years, revealed Joe Ray, editor-in-chief of Lowrider Magazine. "It's a bittersweet situation. That publication shaped my life "says Juan Wicho Flores, a member of San Diego's Lowrider club. "I have so many great memories from back then when I was just a kid riding around with my friends in our cars."

The last issue will be published in April 2013 and the website will remain online for some time to come. According to Mr. Ray, the magazine is going through "a major change" that will make it more appealing to today's youth.

In September 1972, Lowrider magazine launched with its first issue. At first, it was published as a four-page newsletter by Ed Mendez out of his kitchen table. Within a few months, however, Mr. Mendez was able to secure a full-time staff of writers and artists who contributed to each issue of the magazine. In January 1973, Mr. Mendez hired Bill Yenne as his new editor. By June 1973, Mr. Yenne had hired another friend, Juan Wicho Flores, as an assistant editor. The two of them ran the show together until Mr. Mendez passed away in November 1999 at the age of 58.

Is Muscle Car Review magazine still in business?

According to an article on, it is one of 17 other printed automotive publications being shut down by TEN Publishing and will be gone by the end of the year. Only Motor Trend, 4 Wheeler, and Hot Rod will continue to exist. Car Craft, Super Chevy, Vette, Mopar Muscle, and more names have also vanished.

It's been reported that the closing of such magazines is because they are too expensive to produce. With so many different platforms (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) and technologies (electric, hybrid, fuel cell, etc.), it's difficult to find a profitable way to market them all directly through print or online ads. Shorter print runs and higher prices can only cover so much before even the most popular magazines lose money.

However, with so many people reading blogs, social media, and online news sites these days, there are other ways to distribute content besides through print magazines. You can charge for access to some articles, for example, which could help a website make money without having to sell advertising. Or you could just share interesting stories and photos from time to'time if you want to keep spreading awareness about your favorite cars and motorsports brands.

The good news is that some of the people who work at these magazines have started other projects since being let go.

How much is the first Lowrider magazine worth?

What would you pay to obtain an original edition of Lowrider Magazine? Six antique editions of Lowrider Magazine are being auctioned off on eBay for $3,000.00. Yes, you read that correctly. The original posting may be seen here.

Lowrider was started in San Francisco in 1973 by Rick Lopez and Harvey Katz. They were inspired by Mexican car culture and wanted to start a magazine that focused on American muscle cars. Originally called Latino Motorcycle Journal, it changed its name to Lowrider when they realized that there was already a magazine called Latino Motorcyclist. They also created one of the first successful action sports television shows with the 1979 series "American Gladiators - Los Angeles". That show ran for three seasons. In addition, they published several other magazines under different names before closing down in 1981.

This eBay auction includes one full copy each of the following issues: January/February 1974, April/May 1974, July/August 1974, January/February 1975, April/May 1975, July/August 1975, January/February 1976, April/May 1976, July/August 1976, January/February 1977, and April/May 1977. It also includes one full copy of the August 1978 issue that was canceled before publication. This issue has a cover price of $5.95. All copies listed are in good condition with no missing or torn pages.

Where can I buy a copy of Closer magazine?

Closer magazine is focused firmly at women, featuring articles on women's lifestyle concerns and other important information for today's modern busy woman. Purchase a single copy of CLOSER or a subscription of any term, delivered globally. Up to 3 p.m., current issues are mailed out the same day!

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Single copies contain only part of the story with no special offers or promotions. These are available for $4.95 each or three for $29.85.

CLOSER was founded by former ESSENCE editor Ann Bausum who also served as its president until her death in 2015. The magazine is published by Imprint Publications, a division of Universal Uclick. CLOSER covers stories about women of influence and their careers, health and fitness, food, fashion, beauty, travel, and entertainment. It contains articles by leading women's writers as well as regular columnists such as Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, and Alice Walker.

The first issue of CLOSER was released in November 1987. Since then, it has become one of the most trusted sources for women's news and information. It currently has an average monthly readership of 2 million people in 120 countries.

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