Is it no longer in a sentence?

Is it no longer in a sentence?

It is no longer a viable option. Otherwise, he'll have to accept the fact that it won't be in the family once he dies. She wasn't weary, and she wasn't worried about the kids or the odd environment. It's not a sentence but rather a description of what has happened to her character.

What is the sentence of worn out?

She was exhausted after clashing with her buddies. I'm becoming exhausted from driving every morning. His wife is exhausted from caring for the children. Your bicycle's brake shoes are wearing out. You'll have to replace them shortly.

Worn out means "exhausted due to hard work." This word can also be used to describe someone or something that is no longer fresh and new but rather old and used up. She's worn out from all the walking she does around the school campus. Her music is tired-sounding because it's old music recorded long ago. Your marriage is worn out when there is no more excitement or novelty between you two.

Sentence: John is worn out from playing football all day.

Worn out can also be an adjective. In this case it means "having been used for a long time": his worn-out car.

What is a sentence for "discontinue"?

Examples of the word "cease" in a phrase He had stopped seeing the psychiatrist. She made the decision to stop her education. They discontinued their aid to Vietnam.

What is late in a sentence?

She was an hour late. "It" was a blue Toyota Camry from the late 1990s. It'll be late by the time he finishes. She had resolved to accompany them in the final minutes before it was too late. The movie was over two hours long. It was past midnight when they left the theater.

What is a good sentence for disappearance?

Its demise left a huge void. Cynthia met Dean while formally investigating the disappearance of her first husband. I can't conceal a total absence. He's just gone.

Disappearance can be used to describe the sudden and mysterious departure of someone who has either been found dead or is still alive. The person may have left home or work without telling anyone where they were going, which is why everyone assumes that they must be missing. At some point, it may become clear that they have abandoned all contact with friends and family, so again, nobody knows where they are.

People often wonder whether or not they will ever see their loved ones again. The fact of the matter is that they may never be seen again by anyone except those who know they were involved in an accident. Death is permanent separation - from family, friends, and even people you don't know at all. But death also means freedom - from worrying about someone leaving behind expensive medical bills, from having your heart ripped out of your chest - freedom from pain and suffering.

So, disappearance is a broad term that can refer to both living and dead people. It can also be used to describe something that has vanished, such as a secret document or a stolen car.

What is a sentence with the word absence?

1 A new manager was appointed during/during her absence. 2 He was mentally absent all the time. 3 He made a pathetic reason for his absence. 4 She didn't bring up her mother's absence. 5 They were out of town on a business trip - she missed them terribly. 6 They sent their regrets - they had another commitment.

Absence: 1 a state or condition of being away or absent 2 a person or thing that causes a change, as in status or situation 3 a temporary gap that occurs when someone who is present at some time later than another person disappears from his or her sight 4 a lack or shortage 5 an act of going away 6 a message delivered by postcard or phone call

In English, we have many words to describe situations where people don't show up or are not around. Here are some common ones: absence, abscence, absencehood, absense, abstemiousness, abstinence. There are also several words for someone who goes about causing change by removing themselves from situations such as resignations and departures.

What is a sentence for the word disappeared?

The electrical equipment had also vanished. She vanished into it. She strolled up to the desk after Yancey had vanished down the walkway. His eyes was drawn to the water, where it vanished into the lake. He sighed and drawed his sword. "Where does this path lead?" he asked himself.

The path led down into the depths of the lake. Yancey stared in amazement as he saw fish swimming in the darkness. "I've never seen anything like this before," he said. Then he turned and walked back up the path until it ended at a stone door. He looked around but could see no sign of the door's opening. "Can anyone help me?" he called out. There was no reply.

He stepped through the doorway and found himself in a large room with high ceilings and rows of books lining the walls. At the far end of the room was an elevator with a sign reading AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY. Yancey walked over to it and pressed the button. A voice came from one of the speakers inside the elevator: "Welcome to the library."

The doors opened and a man got in. He was short and round with white hair and a red face. "Hello there!" he cried. "Want to check out some books?"

Yancey shook his head.

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