Is the Oklahoma Gazette still published?

Is the Oklahoma Gazette still published?

The Oklahoma Gazette has been focused on the arts, entertainment, live music, and events for almost 40 years. As a result, we have made the unfortunate choice to suspend publication until the April 8th edition.... We want to thank you for your support over the last four decades.

Does Overland Park have a newspaper?

The Overland Park Sun is a newspaper published in Overland Park, Kansas (Shawnee Mission [Shawnee], Kan.) It was first issued on August 8, 1993.

It has an average daily circulation of 92,000 and a Sunday circulation of 105,000. It is owned by the Halifax Media Group.

Overland Park is located about 20 miles west of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It lies at the intersection of Interstate 70 and State Highway 119. The city is home to Liberty Memorial Hospital, two major colleges (Berea College and University of Central Missouri), several smaller universities and colleges, a medical center, three museums, and many other attractions.

There are six daily newspapers published in Johnson County, Kansas, where Overland Park is located: The Sun, a daily; The Topeka Capital-Journal, a daily; The Lawrence Journal-World, a daily. The newspapers are all owned by Gannett.

Outside of Kansas City, Mo., and Wichita, Kans., little happens in local journalism that doesn't make its way into one of these papers. They cover crime, schools, community events, business news, and politics -- everything except sports.

What are Nebraska’s major newspapers?

The top eight Nebraska daily newspapers in terms of circulation are shown below.

Who is responsible for the Texas Gazette?

On September 25, 1829, Godwin Brown Cotten launched the Texas Gazette in San Felipe de Austin. The three key contributors—Robert McAlpin Williamson, Stephen F. Austin, and Cotten—frequently had opposing viewpoints. However, they often allowed their disagreements to be published alongside their letters so that readers could make up their own minds about the issues being debated.

Williamson was the editor of the paper until his death in 1833. After which, Cotten became its editor until he was hired by Austin to work on his new colony's government in 1835. During this time, the paper was owned by a company that included several well-known figures in early Texas history: William B. Travis, James W. Robinson, and Henry Smith. When Austin died in 1836, he left his estate to his wife, Elizabeth Austin, who then sold the newspaper to Robert G. Ingersoll. In 1840, Cotten bought out Ingersoll's share of the business and has been publishing the paper ever since.

In addition to being an author and politician, Robert G. Ingersoll was also a colonel in the Mexican Army who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto. He came home from war with Mexico and set up shop in San Antonio where he started printing newspapers that criticized the government.

Is the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette going digital?

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in Fort Smith, Arkansas, will be a digital-replica newspaper (plus a Sunday print edition) by the end of the summer, according to publisher Walter Hussman Jr. Rather, the publications will be offered in a digital-replica version to subscribers who read them on iPads, PCs, or other devices. The print edition will continue to be published on conventional paper.

Hussman says the newspaper is looking at other ways to produce its product besides printing papers and distributing them. He says his company is "looking at all options" including adding full-time employees to work on producing their digital replica products.

In November 2012, the Democrat-Gazette announced it was shutting down its printing press and reducing its staff due to declining circulation and ad revenue. At that time, the editor said the newspaper was looking for another model to survive beyond printed newspapers.

Print media is experiencing major changes with the rise of online journalism. As readers move more and more content online, newspapers are forced to adapt or perish.

Will the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette be successful with this new approach? Only time will tell.

How are obituaries published in the United States?

Obituaries are precisely as they appear in local, state, and national newspapers in the United States. The newspapers provide us the identical "feed" that they send to the printing factories. Our online obituary archive is updated throughout the day and includes obituaries from throughout the country that will appear in tomorrow's newspapers.

Obituaries are a very important part of journalism. They tell readers about people who have died so that they can be remembered with respect and dignity. Journalists must often make difficult decisions about which deaths are worth mentioning and which aren't. However, an obituary doesn't promote social interaction or help others by reporting only on negative aspects of someone's life. It is solely for informing our readers about people who have passed away.

In addition to printed newspapers, obituaries are also published online at This website contains more than 18 million obituaries dating back to 1895. Another resource is the Death Master File, which is maintained by the Social Security Administration. This file contains information about people who have applied for or received benefits from Social Security.

Obituaries are an important part of American culture that helps families remember their loved ones after they die. Newspapers print these notices so that readers will know about the death and send flowers or hold memorial services for the person being honored.

Is Word Up magazine still published?

It was a young entertainment and music magazine published in the United States. Word Up discontinued publishing in 2012....

Is the Sporting News still published?

It started off as a print journal called "The Sporting News" in 1886. It quickly became the leading American baseball journal, earning the moniker "The Bible of Baseball." Sporting News ceased print publication in December 2012 and transitioned to a digital-only newspaper. The last printed issue was shipped to subscribers on Christmas Day 2012.

Subscription prices range from $45 for three months to $150 for the annual edition. There is also a free website version available. The digital edition is updated daily and includes articles from SN's portfolio of brands including Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, and Golf Channel. In addition, subscriptions include access to an exclusive weekly podcast series called "Inside SN," which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the journalism industry.

In 2014, The Sporting News reported 1.7 million monthly readers across all of its publications. Its website received about 4 million visits that year alone!

Check out our book review or visit their web site to subscribe today!

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