Is The Hindu a good newspaper?

Is The Hindu a good newspaper?

The Hindu is, in my opinion, India's best national daily. It is the only newspaper where the true spirit of journalism can still be found. It is the best option if you want no-nonsense, accurate, knowledgeable, serious, unbiased, and dependable news with in-depth yet concise editorials and viewpoints.

It is also famous for its crossword puzzle which is published on Sunday evenings. The Hindu has become so popular for its crosswords that many other newspapers also publish their own versions of them.

In addition to its articles on politics, business, sports, and entertainment, The Hindu also publishes book reviews, cartoons, crosswords, games, music reviews, and science updates. It also has a monthly magazine called Tehelka which reports on various scandals involving government officials.

The Hindu was started by S.V.R. Iyengar who had great ambitions for his new paper. He wanted to provide readers with a thorough coverage of all aspects of life in India at that time including politics, education, culture, sports, and entertainment. Although he was successful in some of these efforts others weren't so good. For example, he often put his political views into his articles which didn't make him very popular with politicians.

Iyengar died in 1992 but The Hindu continues to publish every day from its headquarters in Chennai (Madras).

Why is the Hindu newspaper the best for UPSC?

The Hindu newspaper is the most popular among Civil Services IAS hopefuls among the several publications available in the market. It is well recognized for its unbiased, candid opinions on a wide range of problems, and it stands out for its effective and extensive coverage of significant national and international concerns. The Hindu's stable of writers includes many former officers of the Indian Administrative Service and other departments, which helps it cover issues that others ignore.

Besides having an extensive coverage, The Hindu offers valuable tips on various aspects of UPSC preparation like papers, interviews, etc., which make it worth reading. It also has a section called "Vox Populi", which is written by public figures who have no connection with the paper. This section often contains interesting anecdotes, personal observations, or just their views on current events.

Finally, The Hindu is known for its innovative methods to conduct surveys. These include phone calls made at random numbers from a database of over a million numbers, and online quizzes conducted every year for the PSUs job recruitment process.

In conclusion, The Hindu is one of the best sources of information for those looking to score well in the UPSC examination and career services. It covers all major news stories and conducts useful surveys that help readers prepare better for the exam and find jobs in the government sector.

Who is the publisher of the Hindu newspaper?

Choose an image or text that suits your needs. You can even download it as a PDF and read it later! THG Publishing Private Limited, Chennai, India, publishes The Hindu, India's national newspaper since 1878. The English language on a daily basis is best described as both classic and current. It includes international news coverage and essays on literature, arts, science, and politics. Newspaper articles are generally very long (500 words or more) with large type and images.

The Hindu is one of the oldest newspapers in Asia and the largest in circulation. It has been published daily since 3 February 1878 by The Hindu Group which also publishes two other newspapers, Bangalore Mirror and Madras Mail. The Hindu is known for its conservative editorial stance and often supports the government of India. It is also regarded as a voice of the elite class in India.

In addition to its daily edition, The Hindu also publishes special issues focused on various topics such as education, art, culture, science, technology, and politics. These specials are available either in print or online. Its website,, offers news, opinion pieces, and blogs related to social affairs, sports, business, and entertainment. It also has an app called The Hindu Mobile News that allows readers to get real-time updates about their city and country from around the world.

The Hindu is published in three languages: Tamil, Hindi, and English.

Does the Hindu newspaper come daily?

The Hindu is a daily English-language newspaper published by The Hindu Group, which is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It began as a weekly in 1878 and was converted to a daily in 1889. The Hindu is published in 21 sites throughout 11 Indian states as of March 2018. Its readership is 65 million per week.

It has been called "India's most read newspaper". The Hindu is also one of the largest circulating newspapers in India with an average total circulation of 3.5 million copies per day.

It was founded by T. Narayanaswami Pillai who also established The Madras Mail, India's first daily newspaper. The Hindu is owned by Jayantilal Gadaikar who is also the chairman of The Hindu Group. He acquired the paper in 1988 from the family of R. Venkataraman, the former president of India.

The Hindu is known for its conservative editorial stance and often offers commentary on political events in India. It has also been criticized for being anti-democratic and pro-Congress. However, it has also won several awards for its coverage of news stories especially those related to politics and law.

Its headquarters are located at No. 50, St. Thomas Mount, Chetpet, Chennai - 600 044. The Hindu was originally published from Mahabalipuram before moving to Chennai in 1880.

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