Is the poem "Leave this chanting and singing" relevant even today?

Is the poem "Leave this chanting and singing" relevant even today?

Thus, Tagore conveys that participation in the activity of life is essential for the realization of God. This poem, "Leave This Chanting", is equally important in world literature due to its exposing the pseudo-zeal of worshippers everywhere. They think that by repeating certain words, they will be able to affect the universe and change their fate. But it is all a big illusion.

People should understand that there is no way other than self-realization for emancipation from the cycle of birth and death.

This poem also reflects the spirit of religious harmony in India. Although he was raised as a Hindu, Tagore became deeply influenced by Buddhism. He believed that religion can only enhance one's life but cannot provide salvation. Therefore, he rejected the idea of worshiping anything in the nature or beyond it. His message of love and peace has made him one of the most beloved poets in the world.

What is the central idea of "Leave this chanting"?

"Leave this chanting" is the collection's eleventh poem. The poet tells religious people to stop counting beads and singing and reciting mantras. He also advises them to quit worshiping God in a secluded part of the temple with their eyes half closed.

This poem is one of Basho's most famous poems. It has been translated into many languages including English, French, German, and Spanish.

Basho was a 17th-century Japanese poet who traveled around Japan writing about his experiences. His humorous and ironic views on life have made him one of the most popular poets in Japan today.

In this poem, he complains about people who spend all their time praying, chanting, and counting beads in Hindu temples. He says they should be out enjoying the beauty of nature instead.

This short but powerful poem highlights the need for us to live our lives passionately if we are to make any real difference in this world.

What message does the poet want to convey through the poem about worship?

The poet urges us to quit shouting, singing, and telling stories about beads since they will not lead us to God. The only thing that will take us to heaven is to put Jesus Christ first in everything we do.

How does this chanting expose the pseudo-worshippers of God?

His poem "Where The Mind Is Without Fear" was a world-famous work in which he blended fact and fantasy, realism and fantasy, politics and poetry. This poem, Leave This Chanting, highlighted the passion of worshipers all around the world and earned a significant position in international literature as a result.

This is not only because it expresses the inmost feelings of humans but also because it exposes the pseudo-worshipers of God who are blind to their sins.

It tells how people who claim to pray but do not know God, sing His praise with their voices but not with their hearts. They may talk about God but they do not understand Him. They think that He must accept their prayers but they forget that God's love for them is infinite. Therefore, their prayers are invalid and go unheard by God.

People who say they love God but don't live according to their words are nothing but fake believers who deceive others into thinking that they are important members of the church. Such people will never see or experience God's love because they shut themselves off from heaven with their own sins.

This is why Jesus said in Matthew 7:21, "Not everyone who says to me 'Lord! Lord!' will get into heaven, but only those who do what God wants them to do."

Only those who put God first and act according to His commands will see Him face to face.

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